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Biltwell Gringo Helmets

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Step into a new world of retro style, amigo, and meet the Biltwell Gringo. You probably weren't there, and this isn't your granddad's helmet, but you can still rock that timeless '70s look with the Gringo helmet. There are no concessions to make when you wear a retro design like the Biltwell Gringo. Modern features deliver the comfort and performance you'd expect from a brand like Biltwell. The Gringo helmet is ECE rated, so you'll receive top-tier impact protection when you strap it on. Let's dig deeper into the feature set of the Biltwell Gringo helmet.

ECE Meets Retro

ECE R22.05 helmet standards are the toughest in the world, which means the Biltwell Gringo helmet not only looks great, but it provides the elite protection riders demand. It all starts with an injection-molded ABS outer shell paired with a three-piece EPS (expanded polystyrene) safety liner for a rigid structure. The chin bar stands out, as well, with a urethane pad that absorbs energy during frontal impacts. Note, ECE helmets fit tighter than DOT helmets, so you may need to fine tune the fit. Biltwell offers different size cheek accessory pads for adjustments, and you can reach out to the Zilla team for recommendations, too.

Streamlined Simplicity

Now if you want a high-tech helmet with all the bells and whistles, be it adjustable air vents or internal visors, this is not the helmet for you. The Gringo is simple in its approach: Create that cool retro look and reinforce it with ECE protection. However, there are a couple extras to consider as you shop. The Gringo sports molded recesses in the helmet where you can install an aftermarket comm system. You can also fit a flat or bubble shield on the standard ECE helmet (the ECE S series comes with a visor pre-installed). Now all that is left is to select the right color and graphics! Click over to our full video review for more information.