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Mozart, Spielberg, Ruth… all names that don’t need much of an introduction. They are juggernauts. Pillars of their respective professions. Legends whose names will be tied forever to their craft. The same can be said for the Bell Star motorcycle helmet. For years, generations in fact, the Bell Star has resided at the upper echelon of go-fast, premium quality lids. It is a position that the brand earned through continual improvement, the embracement of technological advances, and the unwillingness to be satisfied with anything less than the best. The ability to reinvigorate the principles behind the Bell Star helmet has been one of the foundational reasons for its lasting success. For the Spring of 2016, the lineup has seen a complete re-imagination. In fact, the Bell Star as we know it is no more. In its place stands the new Bell Star, the Bell Race Star, and the Bell Pro Star.

Previously, the Bell Star helmet was all you needed to know if you were looking for the race-day option in the Bell lineup. For 2016, however, that positioning has changed. With its more aggressive brethren holding down the track-day and professional racing side of things, the new Bell Star has been re-configured to best work with street riders and daily commuters. In making use of the Streetview internal orientation, the Bell Star is designed to perform best in a more upright riding stance. This, along with precision aerodynamics, a Tri-Matrix outer shell, and improved acoustics all come together to set the Bell Star helmet up as one of the most worth-while choices for everyday riding. So, if the Bell Star is no longer the race-grade helmet in the Bell lineup, what is? Good question.

In looking to stay ahead of the ever-advancing world of helmet evolution, the Bell Race Star and the Bell Pro Star come to the Bell Star family as two lions hungry to devour open-track ahead. Throughout the development and design process of the Race Star and Pro Star helmets, Bell took special care not only to improve the materials for lighter, more streamlined fitments, but also to implement structural advancements that would allow racers to perform better. As opposed to the Bell Star’s Streetview orientation, the Bell Race Star and Bell Pro Star come with a Raceview orientation in which the angle of view has been rotated forward in order to allow riders to see better while in a deep tuck. Along the same lines, the new Panavision viewport allows riders increased vision during a head-check. From the shell sizes to the Flex impact liners, the Bell Race Star and the Bell Pro Star are exactly the same except for the use of a 3k Carbon Shell vs. a TeXTREME Carbon shell respectively, in which the TeXTREME Carbon is slightly lighter.

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