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Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmets

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For years, the ADV rider has had to choose between a super-premium or entry-level helmet. There was no in-between. Riders were paying upwards of $400 for the best-of-the-best — or they were left with a plethora of basic lids that lacked features and functionality. The Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet is here to fill that void.

Constructed from a lightweight polycarb shell, this lid has been rigorously tested for aerodynamics, stability and comfort in the varying scenarios and unique circumstances faced by adventure riders. From the velocity flow ventilation to the DOT/ECE double certification for safety, the Bell MX 9 Adventure helmet has been meticulously designed for one specific purpose: give ADV riders a highly functional, aggressively sculpted option that incorporates top-tier qualities, with a more moderate price tag. Comfort, style, and maximum utility — that is the name of the game. It is what we love about ADV riding in the first place, and it is precisely what the MX-9 from Bell is here to offer.