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Welcome RevZilla Fans and Batman Aficionados...

Alright, so if you are reading this, you are either an other-worldly kung-fu master of internet magic or you have become epically lost somewhere along the intricately interwoven information super-highway.... either way, we are happy you stopped by.

Ya see, the thing is, we like Batman here at RevZilla and you have stumbled upon our very own little tribute to the Caped Crusader. If you can keep a secret, and we certainly hope that you can, the truth is… we actually know him well and have a good working relationship with Mr. Wayne. But please keep that between us, the mainstream Gotham media would flood our telephone system thus keeping us from answering the world’s motorcycle questions… and that would be a shame, because motorcycle questions are sort of our thing.

That being said, we are seriously impressed that you found this page out of all the other pages on the internet and as such, we wanted to treat you to a few of our past interactions with our pal, Batman.


October Deals Video 2010:

Our first meeting with Batman happened four short years ago when he stopped by our studios in search of our pick for lightweight, 100% waterproof Adventure jacket that would keep him comfy through a variety of climatic conditions during his ride. After recommending that he check out the Klim Traverse Jacket, he decided he wanted to stay around and watch Anthony shoot the monthly deals video. When Batman asks to make an appearance on your show… you say yes!

October Deals Video 2011:

So, it turns out that Batman really digs Italian leather. That is a fact. This became evident in our next meeting when he showed up a year after our first meeting looking for a stealthy moto-jacket that was high on premium leather construction and not overly branded with super-loud, overly vibrant color schemes. We got him set up with the Dainese Razon Leather Jacket and he was so happy with his choice that he couldn’t contain his excitement and danced his favorite happy dance for the last minute and a half of our video!

October Deals Video 2012:

Due to the astounding success of our first two interactions, Batman’s agent actually gave us a shout in the fall of 2012 to see about doing a piece to further promote the long tail of his new film, The Dark Knight Rises (which sold like $150 million worth of home videos… you’re welcome Warner Bros.). Naturally, we were happy to help. We even hooked him up with a Schuberth S2 Helmet with integrated SRC-S communication system.

March Deals Video 2013:

With such a burgeoning friendship growing between the RevZilla team and Mr. Wayne, we just couldn’t wait until October of 2013 to have him back. As soon as he was able to dig himself out of the fat stacks of cash money he earned from the movie trilogy, he stopped by our new offices to look for a pair of new riding gloves for his upcoming track day. After he found exactly what he was looking for with the Held Phantom II Gloves, he was kind enough to grace us again with his impeccable dance moves. Can you see him in the video? He’s right next to the big picture of Anthony’s face. Careful though, this is one of those things you can not un-see!