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8 Ply ATV & UTV Tires

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Gear up for rocky trails and heavy towing loads with 8 ply UTV tires from RevZilla. Our selection of 8 ply UTV tires and ATV tires offer reliable protection from hazards like rocks, tree roots and stumps. But what exactly is a ply rating? Once upon a time, tires were rated by how many plies, or layers of rubber and cord, that were used to build the tire. Manufacturing techniques have evolved since then, so you could really call ply rating “load range” today. While you won't really find 8 layers in 8 ply UTV tires these days, it is still an accurate rating of how stiff the tire is and how much weight it can support. Higher ply ratings also translate to stiffer tires that are more puncture resistant.

While 8 ply UTV tires and ATV tires are often the ceiling for quad riders, you will find even heavier ply ratings for side by sides. No matter what you ride, you'll find the best price on the web with our Price Match Guarantee. Save even more on tires when you join our RPM loyalty program. Members score serious discounts like 5% RPM cash back, 10% off exclusive brands and free 2-day shipping. Just remember, if you want to tackle lighter terrain like sand, then 8 ply tires will be too heavy for that application. Instead, check out our dedicated sand tires selection for dune riding.