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4 Stroke Motorcycle Oil

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Need a good DIY project? Something that’ll prolong the life of your bike? Then you can’t go wrong with 4-stroke dirt bike oil. This liquid lubrication for 4T motorcycles keeps the inside of the crankcase and clutch assembly protected from high heat and just slippery enough to get the job done. The fact that oil specifically made for 4-stroke bikes is meant to work with both the gearbox and clutch plates is an important consideration. If you're just now learning the basics, we’d suggest reading more here. After that, you’ll be able to shop our selection with confidence and pick out the right blend for your bike.

The Right 4T Motorcycle Oil for You

“What’s the best 4 stroke motorcycle oil?” Ask this in mixed company and everyone will have a different opinion and recommendation. Doing your own homework can help explain right from wrong, but we here at RevZilla are happy to shed some light on the subject. Simply put, the right fluid for the job is the one that’s capable of protecting all parts of the motor while meeting viscosity demands in both high-heat and winter settings. Synthetic or mineral is another obvious consideration, with the former providing more well-rounded and longer-lasting protection while the latter doing a fine job and often hitting a certain price point. Finally, 4T motorcycle oil is not the stuff used in your family car or in two-strokes — you can find that here.

As long as you’re adding quality 4 stroke dirt bike oil to your ride and changing it at the intervals suggested in the owner’s manual, it’s hard to go wrong. Generally speaking, dirt bikes will see oil changes far more frequently than their road-only counterparts but that’s all part of your research process and getting your hands dirty during a DIY change. If you happen to have questions, feel free to reach out to our customer service department and we’ll happily help you get back on the track or trail.