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20w40 Motorcycle Oil

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Consider the absolute carnage taking place inside a running engine and running 20w40 motorcycle oil suddenly makes a lot of sense. This is lubricant that will offer optimal viscosity at high heat during long, aggressive rides while still retaining its properties when the temperatures dip. This is what 20w40 semi synthetic and full synthetic motorcycle oil is made for and buying what’s best for your bike is a good way to prolong the life of your ride. Of course, we’re aware of the debate surrounding which blend is best so be sure to get caught up on the fundamentals of oil then commence with shopping right here at RevZilla.

Four stroke owners have a whole host of options when it comes to lubrication. The end goal is to keep the cams, crankshaft and clutch properly slippery and stop these components from meeting a red-hot and premature death. That being the case, plenty of leading manufacturers are going to recommend 20w40 motorcycle oil as the go-to for engine lube. Whether you’re preference is semi-synthetic, full or mineral, this 20w40 “weight” translates to an oil capable of staying slippery in both high heat and bitter cold.

If you’re wondering which is better, 20w40 or blends that are slightly more or less viscous, we would suggest starting with your owner’s manual recommendation. From there, you can turn to leading brands like Spectro and Yamalube for premium products and top performance. While you’re here, consider grabbing some of the hand tools to pop those drain plugs and oil filter covers off yourself.