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10w40 Motorcycle Oil

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While the viscosity grades may look familiar, the 10w40 motorcycle oil you use in your bike isn’t the same as the stuff going into your car. There are a few key differences between these machines that make it best practice to run the best 10w40 oil for motorcycles. We’ll dive into those differences here so those of you ready to drain out the old and add in the new are well-equipped to make the right decisions. Get familiar with the process here, then start browsing our selection of high-grade lubricants to prolong the life of your motor!

To state the obvious, both bikes and cars have thumping pistons, spinning gears and rotating camshaft lobes that need proper lubrication to stop them from seizing up. This is where motor oil comes into play. The different “weights” you can buy represent different grades of viscosity and under certain temperatures; 10w40 is an old stand-by that’ll serve riders of all skills quite well. Read up on the reviews of both mineral and synthetic blends and you’ll see that this is a great way to improve engine life while benefitting from a longer-lasting lube. What riders really need to know is that buying non-motorcycle motor oil is a major mistake. A car has ATF fluid to take care of its transmission; motorcycles use the same oil for the gearbox and clutch so friction modifiers found in automobile oils are known to cause problems.

Our wide selection of 10w40 oils means there’s something in stock for everyone: from scooter riders and ATV explorers to road racers and dirt bikers. Leading companies like Mobil, Castrol and Amsoil have engineered the very best for your bike — and you can find it right here at RevZilla.