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Zack G.

Most Memorable Trip

I tried to ride cross-country on a Honda Rebel at 19 but crashed on the North Dakota/Montana border. I had to ditch the bike in some underbrush and hitchhike to California.

I’ve been riding for 10 years, primarily on Harley-Davidson Sportsters. While working as a radiaoactive decontamination technician in the nuclear industry, I had plenty of time to ride in the off-season, racking up over 120,000 miles within my first 5 years of riding.  My 2006 Sportster had just about 250k on the clock when it finally gave up the ghost.

I learned how to work on my bike out of necessity.  For instance, I did my first top-end rebuild in the parking lot of a Harley dealer in Savannah, GA with borrowed tools and a throng of dubious techs checking up on me. It all went swimmingly, and I was back on the road by sundown.  Granted, I started at 8am, but I think I did just fine.

I enrolled in the Harley-Davidson program at MMI, where I graduated among the top of my class. I still get to work on bikes every weekend from Sportsters and Road Kings to vintage CB750's and XS400's.  While I come from a Harley background I have been getting more and more into imports, and their versatility.

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  • Nickname: Thumper
  • Riding Style: V-Twin, Dirt
  • Riding Since: 2008
  • Main Vehicle: 1987 Harley-Davidson Sportster, 2008 Yamaha WR450F
  • Vehicle History: 2001 Buell Blast, 2006, 1998, 1993, 1973 Sportsters, 1996 Honda Rebel, 1973 Yamaha TX500
  • Top Brands: Biltwell, Paughco, S&S


  • Height:


  • Shoe Size:


  • Chest Size:


  • Waist:


  • Inseam:


  • Head Shape:

    Intermediate Oval