Rokker Jeans

Rokker Jeans' philosophy is - Style, Protection and Comfort - in equal parts and indivisible. With such uncompromising standards such as these, it's no wonder The Rokker Company produces the most technologically-advanced, premium riding jeans available today. The use of innovative materials such as Schoeller Denim-Dynatec and c_change membrane sets Rokker apart from an otherwise mundane crowd. With style for miles and miles of blacktop and twisties, Rokker Jeans perform the outstanding feat of looking as great off the bike as they do in the saddle.

The passion of motorcycling and style are inseparable, looking the part doesn't have to mean compromising comfort and protection.

Rokker Original Jeans
Rokker Urban Racer Boots
2 colors available
Rokker Black Jacket
Rokker Red Selvage Slim Jeans
$299.00 $449.00 Sale 33% Off!
Rokker Rebel Jeans
Rokker Riding Chinos
2 colors available
Rokker Red Selvage Jeans
$299.00 $449.00 Sale 33% Off!
Rokker Violator Jeans
Rokker Classic Racer Boots
2 colors available
Rokker RokkerTech Slim Jeans
$449.00 - $499.00
2 colors available
Rokker Rider Raw Shirt
$399.00 - $425.00
Rokker Garage Bandanna
2 colors available