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RevZilla Media Kit



What started in a dimly-lit showroom with a flip camera and lots of random rock'n roll references has turned into a full-fledged team of digital professionals who are dedicated to bringing the best motorcycle content on the planet to riders on the roads of the world. We live for this stuff, and we're guessing that if you've navigated to this page, you probably do too.  


The first one of them all.  Our YouTube channel got its start as a source for world-class motorcycle gear reviews, but over the years has grown into a one-stop-shop for all things moto. With Spurgeon and Lemmy leading the charge with the latest bike reviews, how-to videos, yearly gear guides, and industry commentary, we have grown our subscriber base into the hundreds of thousands, have traveled the world, and still continue to review more products than anyone else in the industry.

Common Tread

Started as a way to provide daily news and opinions on the motorcycle industry, Common Tread serves as our main editorial wing as we publish stories from RevZilla staff and freelance writers alike.


The only thing Spurgeon, Lemmy, and the rest of the RevZilla on-air talent love more than media is motorcycles, and at the end of the day, they just want talk shop. That's who we are at the heart, motorcycle enthusiasts. Our Highside/Lowside podcast allows  for precisely that.

Media Kit

If you're interested in learning more about the reach of our channel's, or what we're about as a team, check out our most recent media kit.