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RevZilla & Cycle Gear FAQ

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Did Cycle Gear acquire RevZilla?

No. The RevZilla founders and J.W. Childs formed a new holding company (COMOTO) to collectively own both businesses as sister companies, operating separately. 

Then why does every news article state that Cycle Gear acquired RevZilla?

All of this started because of one brief article that was based upon incorrect information. The story then snowballed through the media as other outlets cited the story, repeating and enlarging on the errors. 

Why did you not comment publicly sooner if the information published was incorrect?

We were under a non-disclosure agreement while in the final stages of negotiations.  We commented as quickly as we could, given the circumstances. It was hard to sit on the sidelines, but amazing to see all the love for the ZLA.

What is exciting about this?

This is an opportunity to eventually affect how motorcyclists are served via all major channels. In the long term, there are proprietary RevZilla platforms and systems that can be licensed to Cycle Gear. It will allow the RevZilla team to act as a digital platform for Cycle Gear, improving its online customer experience. J.W. Childs brings tremendous offline retail and traditional consumer brand expertise to the party and is executing on a plan to reinvigorate Cycle Gear to its customer base. New opportunities for both businesses can be developed and executed more quickly through the complementary expertise and vision. 

Will RevZilla stop investing in the things that make it great? Service, content, technology, etc?

#Terribleidea. Only if we want to lose everyone’s trust, business and support. That would be a noob move.

What changes should RevZilla customers expect to notice in their experience?


Are RevZilla and Cycle Gear forming one unified company?

No. Both companies will operate independently as two distinct brands with their own leadership. Anthony, Matt and Nick will continue to be the C-Suite leading RevZilla. Cycle Gear will operate under its own leadership. RevZilla will not be branded Cycle Gear nor vice versa.

Why does this make sense for the RevZilla founders?

RevZilla is on an amazing trajectory and we believe offline retail is not becoming extinct. This is an opportunity to affect how all motorcyclists will be engaged and served in the future. Matt and Anthony will sit on the board of the newly formed parent company.

Will the RevZilla founders (Anthony, Matt and Nick) still run RevZilla?

Yes, as CEO, COO and CTO, respectively.

Will everything at RevZilla be stripped down to be absorbed by Cycle Gear?

No. Why would anyone kill or change a valuable brand? Much like Amazon and Zappos years ago, there are competencies and values as well as distinct cultures of both companies that will remain intact. The goal for both brands is to continue to strive to improve every day without commingling. Both businesses are at different places in their trajectories with different near, medium and long-term opportunities and challenges.

Will Cycle Gear Stores be called RevZilla?


Will RevZilla open more stores someday?

J.W. Childs are retail experts. RevZilla stores are more of a possibility than ever, but we do not have any immediate plans for retail store expansion. Additional RevZilla stores would have to deliver the RevZilla level of experience our customers have grown accustomed to.  

Will RevZilla have its own private-label products?

Maybe. We have always thought about the possibility of developing our own gear and brands. We have strong opinions on the base level of tech, merit and value attached to any brands we put our name on. We will continue to evaluate that possibility.

Will Anthony and the rest of the RevZilla media team be able to maintain their independence with regards to how they review products?

Yes. We have to keep our journalistic integrity if we expect you to continue to trust us. Our goal over time has been to become continually more objective and willing to highlight the needs, flaws and challenges of anything we’re discussing - along with what we’re excited about. If the line gets blurry, we’ve lost our foundation. 

Are RevZilla or Cycle Gear moving their headquarters?

There are no plans in place for RevZilla to move from Philadelphia or for Cycle Gear to move from Benicia, California.

So, 500 million dollar checks for errybody? Really?

We want whatever the media was smoking when they reported that... and a set of gold fronts.