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Core Values

RevZilla Core Values

Since inception, RevZilla has been driven by Partner DNA that shapes our culture, communications, how the company lives and breathes, and what our future state will look like. RevZilla’s approach to spreading Partner DNA is the continuous communication of company expectations and the visible embrace of our Core Values. Forget the generic plaque on the lobby wall, our Core Values are the company’s living demonstration of diligence, consistency, and impact on every relationship we have from fellow employees, to business partners, to our customers and beyond.
Aim for the Podium
  • Hustle, improve, win, and don’t fear change.
  • Take victory laps along the way. Celebrate the wins, big & small.
Take Risks; Wear a Helmet
  • Take responsible risks and learn from outcomes.
  • Look through the turn. Pay attention to what’s coming ahead. Where’s the final destination?
People are everywhere. Share the Road.
  • People First - every customer, every team member, every community, every brand
  • Do the right thing, always. Operate with integrity and an owner’s mentality. Feel empowered to make important decisions.
  • No jerks allowed.
Keep It Real
  • Be genuine, transparent, and trustworthy.
Fuel Your Passion
  • The ride doesn’t last forever. Make every mile count.
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