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Yamaha brings another electric concept bike to the Tokyo Motor Show

Oct 20, 2015

Even if it is a totally-not-real, computer-rendered fever dream, the Yamaha PES2 (to be shown at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show later this month) looks to be pretty remarkable.

This is coming from someone who thought only of twisting carnage when he heard "single-sided fork." Though once I consulted the resident physicists on TeamZilla, my fears that the front end would snap right off under hard braking were allayed.

The fork, however, is only the beginning. A removable battery pack serves as a structural part of the frame, allowing for a monocoque frame design. Add a hub motor to the front wheel and you have a two-wheel-drive motorcycle. ¡Voilà!

Yamaha showed the PES1 concept at the Tokyo Motor Show two years ago and hinted that electric motorcycles might be in production by 2016, so a production bike might have been expected at this year's show. Instead, we still have a concept bike, so all we can do is twiddle our thumbs and wait.

Yamaha listed the PES2 on its bizarre, Tokyo Motor Show teaser site, which notes that "Cat memes will be used to describe the models that will be on display" and involves a lot of felines with glowing eyes. Alongside the cats and the PES2 is the PED2, a dirt-friendly cousin to the PES2.

Yamaha PED2 concept electric off-road motorcycle. Yamaha illustration.

Gone are the cringe-inducing nightmares of a single-sided fork. The PED2 looks like a much more conventional dirt bike, albeit whisper-quiet. An ideal candidate for traversing obscenely beautiful mountain landscapes without disturbing mother nature. Just don't stray too far, now — it's still an electric bike, after all.