Common Tread

Video: Don't try this at home

Sep 25, 2014

YouTube user RNickeyMouse has built an entire channel around people's insane riding or terrible crashes on Mulholland Boulevard in Malibu, Calif. File this one under "things you wish you could do."

The video features rider Derek Molle coming around the most famous corner of The Snake, where he happens upon a GoPro camera left set up in the middle of the road. It is unclear if it is his camera, but I'll go ahead and choose to believe he just happened to see it as he came around and he decided to snatch it mid-corner. The idea of him riding up saying, "Whose camera is this?" is just way more fun to believe than thinking it was staged.

Seriously, ladies and gents. Just don't try this. You will crash and it will all be caught on camera and then I will be forced to post it.