Common Tread

Video: Dirt drag racing

Jul 17, 2015

The weird ways people find to think up new applications for motorcycles never cease to amaze me. 

I can't imagine what would possess people to put an extended swingarm and a tractor tire on a motorcycle to drag race in the dirt, but that just means I'm just not creative enough. The Dixie Dirt Draggers on the other hand, those guys have it in spades.

It took this video popping up in my various social networking feeds six times before I decided to click play, and I regret it for exactly 39 seconds — which is when the howling laughter started. If you're reading this and wondering if you should hit play, I'm gonna ask you to trust me for just 39 seconds before deciding if this is lame or not.

I expected the bikes to swerve and fishtail, but those massive tires do a surprising job of putting the power down. Why no one is using some sort of knobby or sand ribbed tread patterned tire is beyond me, but the bikes track fairly well, regardless. What makes this so fun (I'll never watch normal drag racing again) is that the combination of low traction, massive tires, and tons of power make this sport part drag racing and part bull-riding, only the bike doesn't come after you once you've been bucked.

Make sure you watch the video until the end, where they finally give you the camera angle you want and we get to watch the rider try his best — and fail — to keep the front end down. Anyone know where they do this in Southern California? I'll gladly pay for a night of watching this madness.