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Video: Behind the scenes at Qatar with Go Pro

Apr 11, 2015

Normally, a video called described as "behind the scenes at Qatar shot entirely on a Go Pro," wouldn't raise much interest. 

However, when you pair that with the fact that it was made by the action camera's creators, it becomes something entirely different. Apparently, when you make billions of dollars selling little cameras, you both get really good at using them and your access improves a little.

Unfortunately, the geniuses at Dorna are out of their minds and have decided that while posting content to YouTube is a great idea, letting it be shared and thus viewed by more people is not. Since Dorna won't let us embed the video, you'll have to go to the MotoGP YouTube page to watch it, which you can do here.

This four-minute video does a really nice job of mixing a bunch of different elements from around the city with the sort of backstage access you would expect to see from a company like Go Pro. I doubt many or any of you went to Qatar (my passes and free flights got lost in the mail), and what I liked most about this video was they way it showed the city as it prepared for the race. It is probably the closest I'll get to going to Qatar and Go Pro did a really neat job of conveying the culture and feel.

Obviously, there are plenty of rider closeups, most of which are taken during photo shoots and none of which are interesting, but overall I really enjoyed the video and the way it presented the time leading up to the race.

They've also posted a recap and highlights video of the race. This one is filled with much worse music and is cut a little weird, but it has some amazing footage, shows some crazy passes, and does a great job at the end cutting between Rossi and Dovizioso passing each other and the responses in their respective paddocks.

Again, it's ridiculous we can't just embed these videos here to save you from opening more pages but, if you like, you can watch that video here.

Give them a watch and catch up on the action before the tomorrow's race in Austin, Texas, at the Circuit of the Americas at 2 p.m. Central.