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Video: Aaron Gwin takes the KTM RC390 downhill mountain biking

Aug 12, 2015

KTM will try just about anything to push the new RC390 small-displacement sport bike. 

KTM has made a huuuge push with the RC390 at the racetrack, going so far as working with MotoAmerica to get an entire race series built around it in the RC390 Cup. But, KTM wants non-riders need to see the glory of the RC390, too, so someone greenlit this video of downhill mountain bike racer Aaron Gwin daydreaming of taking one out for a spin.

If you're curious about why the chain falls off in the video, Gwin recently made headlines for winning the Leogang, Austria, World Cup round after his chain fell off mid-race.

The nature of ideas is that some are better than others and, to be honest, I'm not completely sure yet where this ranks. Obviously, this video is a little ridiculous. Regardless, this video is still nothing short of impressive. I never expected a bike like that to move that fast off road.

Whether it encourages non riders or mountain bikers to consider buying a motorcycle or it just entertains you for two minutes, I still support brands taking chances and thinking outside the box. The whole industry could benefit from getting weird a little more often.