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Common Tread

Ural x Camp Wandawega

Jul 22, 2015

Last month, I spent a weekend at Camp Wandawega in Wisconsin for the unveiling of the Ural Gear-Up Sportsman Edition. 

For two days, we rode Urals, played pingpong and basketball and archery, paddled around the lake, admired old bikes and cars, told stories, cracked jokes, ate and drank fancy things, and did as people do at summer camp. You can read my in-depth review of the Ural cT, which is a similar model with slightly different trim. The Camp Wandawega Edition adds accessories such as fog lights and waterproof seat and sidecar covers.

Camp Wandawega is one of those special places on Earth that just shouldn't exist. It was a speakeasy in the 1920s, a brothel in the 1930s, a resort in the 1950s, a church in the 1960s, a church camp in the 1970s. David and Tereasa bought it in 2003 and spend weekends there with their families, or host events for companies run by people they like being around (you can read more about its history here). Those with the privilege of staying there are made to feel not like renting guests, customers, and clients, but friends and new family.

My experience at Camp Wandawega was beautiful and reminded me of going to summer camp as a kid. Instead of trying to wax lyrical about my time there, it seemed best to just show you through pictures. Below are some of the highlights, but the photos are best viewed in gallery mode where you can just use the arrows on your keyboard to scroll through. Oh, and the photographers present were talented ones. Going full screen is a good idea. Enjoy. 

As the guests arrived, the Ural Gear-Up: Camp Wandawega edition was the star of the show. Photo by Jenny Linquist

The main lodge would become our home away from home for the weekend. Photo by Jenny Linquist.

The coolest treehouse you ever did see. Photo by Jenny Linquist

All that's missing is a bucket of Coronas. Photo by Jenny Linquist

With the grounds explored, it was time to admire why we were here. Photo by Jenny Linquist.

Ural's David Wayne George is one hell of a man and one hell of a rider. Photo by Jenny Linquist

With dinner done and the bourbon retrieved, nights at Camp Wandawega turn into any night around a camp fire. Photo by Jenny Linquist.

While the lake sat in silence, the boys got into mischief... Photo by Jun Song.

Evidence of a night to be talked about, but not written about. Photo by Jenny Linquist.

When Ural knows you're friends with the dog camping guy, they make you wear a helmet. Photo by Jenny Linquist.

The forest threatened to swallow you if you were left behind. Photo by Jenny Linquist.

...luckily, I'm a good friend and wouldn't leave him behind - choosing instead to stop, wait, and roost. Photo by Jenny Linquist.

Brap brap, nom nom. Photo by Sean MacDonald.

Who says motorcyclists don't care about safety? Photo by Jenny Linquist

As the riders got more comfortable with life on three wheels, the tours of the hills got faster and faster. Photo by Sean MacDonald.

Photo by Jun Song.

"I swear, the fish was bigger than the damn boat!" Photo by Jenny Linquist.

"Cheater." Photo by Jenny Linquist.

At some point it was determined that only Ural's David Wayne George and I were allowed to ride the special edition bike. This called for a celebration. Photo by Jenny Linquist.

Campfire: Camp Wandawega style. Photo by Sean MacDonald.

The last night at summer camp is always the hardest. Photo by Jun Song.

While the breakfast spread was delicious, these were the menu item most people went to first. Photo by Sean MacDonald.

Until next time. Photo by Sean MacDonald.