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The One Show goes one better

Mar 10, 2015

The One Show definitely didn't disappoint for 2015. And now we have the video to prove it!

Last year, I left The One Show with mixed emotions. The 2014 edition of "Born-Free: Portland" didn't offer the variety of bikes or the kind of experience that felt like a true celebration of all things moto. I'm happy to report that, for 2015, it was quite the opposite.

This year's show had a loose racing theme, including everything from the Triumph Castrol Rocket to pro flat track bikes to ICON's ZX3RR to MotoCorsa's TerraStrada to my friend Scott Toepfer's 1945 Harley-Davidson Flathead salt flats racer.

The One Moto Show
Where do I get one of these? Photo by Sean MacDonald.

The show was held in a new building this year which broke the show into different segments nicely. One room had weird adv-ish things, another had little trail tractor bikes, and a third had the more typical chopper and bobber stuff. By getting the show out of one massive room, it created a lot more wall space for art and helmets and felt a little less claustrophobic.

The fact that it didn't feel claustrophobic was amazing because, as shown in the video, this year's show was massive. I found myself repeatedly saying, "I just can't believe how many people are here." The inside was completely packed and outside there was a line around the block.

the one moto show
What a face. Photo by Sean MacDonald.

My favorite bikes from the show were the Ronin 47 and Sean D's Sporty Scrambler, mostly because both made me want to ride them!

the one moto show
My favorite non-professional-builder bike of the show. Photo by Sean MacDonald.

My attendance at this year's show happened mostly by chance, because I was in Seattle to ride the Ural cT the same week. You can bet I'll be there next year no matter what.

Credit for the success has to go to See See Motor Coffee's Thor Drake, the man with all the right connections to pulls this off, and this year's two main sponsors, BMW and ICON.