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The Dirtbag Challenge cometh - get ready

Oct 21, 2014

Joe from ICON: "So there's this event in San Francisco where you have a month to build a bike for under a grand, participate in a 100-mile ride, and you can't use a Harley. You in?"

Me: "No duh, what are we building?"

Now, it would be unwise to tell you about the death traps you're about to see us ride, but I can tell you one of them is a more traditional chopper and the other is a little more San Francisco-appropriate. Think you can build a better bike than we can? Want to come hang out with us in San Francisco? Get ready to get weird.

What is it?

The Dirtbag Challenge began in response to the idea that custom bikes had to be expensive and were showroom pieces. This is for real-world bikes that are meant to be ridden. Says the Dirtbag Challenge website: "Dirtbag is about doing things your own way — without anyone’s approval, without anyone’s permission. Build the bike you want, live the life you choose. If we can do it, so can you."

The rules

1. One month to build

The rules state you can start building beginning one month prior to the event on Nov. 16. Yes, I know we're telling you late, but ICON doesn't print "always cheat, always win" on their jackets for no reason. Better get cracking.

2. $1,000 budget

This includes the price of the donor bike, all parts, and all work. You may think we have an advantage here, but I assure you, neither Joe or I are any good at building motorcycles, nor are we getting parts donated from parts companies (not because we're above it, but because no one will give us free shit for an event like this).

3. One hundred miles

On the morning of the show, meet up with the other Dirtbags and ride with us. We will ride at least 100 miles over every type of road. There probably won’t be a chase vehicle. Joe will most likely crash — several times.

4. No Harleys

The guys throwing the show like Harleys, and ride Harleys, but this is about being different and thinking outside the box.

See you creeps in a few weeks.