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Star unveils three special-edition cruisers

Oct 17, 2014

Yamaha is chasing trends like there's no tomorrow, and these three new special editions are the company's latest efforts to attract younger riders.

The Star Bolt has been a huge hit in terms of sales. Yamaha can't keep the "Japanese Sportster" on dealer floors, partially due to the wide variety of aftermarket options they provide to help further customize the bike.

Star Bolt
2015 Star Bolt C-Spec in "envy green" color. Star photo.

The 2015 Star Bolt C-Spec takes the Star Bolt and adds clip-on bars, fork gaiters, a seat cowl, and new paint and graphics to make it appeal a little more to the Triumph Bonneville and Moto Guzzi V7 crowd. As much as I would love to hate it, it actually doesn't look half bad, though I'll need to see it in person before I can give it the real hipster seal of approval. The Bolt C-Spec will be available in "liquid silver" and "envy green" paint schemes for $8,690, beginning in January. I don't know who comes up with these paint names, but we need to have a chat.

Here's some video of the Bolt C-Spec shot by our team at AIMExpo.

Star Raider Bullet Cowl
2015 Star Raider Bullet Cowl. Star photo.

The 2015 Star Raider Bullet Cowl takes advantage of the current popularity of "club-style" bikes, made popular by the TV show Sons Of Anarchy, by adding a bullet cowl to the Star Raider for a — and I quote — "hint of outlaw styling." The Star Raider Bullet Cowl will retail for $15,390 and be available in dealerships immediately.

Star Stryker Bullet Cowl
2015 Star Stryker Bullet Cowl. Star photo.

The 2015 Star Stryker Bullet Cowl is the little brother to the Raider, getting the same "outlaw" treatment. It will have an MSRP of $12,090 and also be available in dealerships immediately.

While it hurts a little inside to write about all three of the bikes as new models (and to read the product pages on Yamaha's website), I have to admit that these are things people want, and I have to appreciate Yamaha trying to give it to them. I think they're one of the brands making some of the most exciting motorcycles right now, in part because they seem to listen to people the best. Sure, the copy is cheesy, but if it helps sell motorcycles and strengthen the industry or give people what they want — I'm all for it.