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RevZilla launches sales of used motorcycles

Apr 01, 2016

Rumors about the future of RevZilla were flying on the interwebs for a while, but now we are happy to announce the big news all official-like 'n' everything: RevZilla is expanding into the used motorcycle business!

Jimmy Boombats
Sales Associate Jimmy Boombats is ready to work with you to get you on two wheels. RevZilla photo.
To launch this new endeavor, RevZilla has hired two seasoned sales professionals from the used motorcycle industry, Jimmy Boombats and his brother, Joey Bagodonuts. (Brothers with different names, you ask? The 1970s were a wild time. Mom made some questionable life choices. We miss her just the same. Don't judge!)

At RevZilla, we realize that stagnant wages in the current anemic economic recovery, combined with a few totally-not-their-fault snafus with their probation officers, have stood between our customers and the bikes of their dreams. No worries! Our finance expert Vinnie is ready to work a deal for you.

Finance expert Vinnie
No credit? No down payment? No worries! Our finance expert Vinnie is ready to help. Got a pen? Get a bike! RevZilla photo.

These are exciting times at RevZilla, where now you can come in, decide and ride! For real!

Get all the details in our full-length April Deals video.