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Project 156: Race To The Clouds, Part 3

Jun 09, 2015

Project 156, the bike codenamed after Pikes Peak's 156 turns, is finally complete and ready for the world to see. 

The bike was hand-built by Roland Sand at his RSD facility in Southern California, and features a new, Victory prototype motor which Victory claims represents the future for the brand.

project 156
The Project 156 motor. Victory photo.

Information on the engine is being kept mostly under wraps, but Victory says the liquid-cooled twin has 67 mm throttle bodies with downdraft runners, which help make maximum power and torque. The motor also has a performance valve train that includes titanium intake and exhaust valves, helping the engine spin up to maximum engine speed — although I find it hard to believe a production model would come with this level of materials.

As far as the video goes, it's probably the most interesting of the three, while also being more of the same. I would have really enjoyed this series, and wanted more videos, if they had the balls to actually make these about documenting the process and showing some of the actual testing and trial and error process, but this puff piece does little more than once again tout how cool an all-American project is and how excited Cycle World's Don Canet is to ride it.

Project 156
The Project 156 in testing. Victory photo.

The only thing left is to see how well the RSD/Victory collaboration fares at the Peak. We'll be rootin' for ya Don, and wish you the best of luck and a safe ride. In the meantime, check out the gallery for pictures of the engine, the build, the bike, and the testing.