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Motorcycle mockery redux: Making fun of Harley noobs

Aug 12, 2016

Those who know me best have seen me tease others to the point of causing a breakdown.

Some of you readers may remember some of the cruel stories I have penned. (These are the kind versions, after Lance removed most of the profanity.)

I revel in many forms of scorn; I consider myself a connoisseur.  I love a good batch of Harley-hate. Like most focused contempt, some of it is deserved, and some is not. I find just about all of it pretty damn entertaining, though.

This brings me to my new favorite subreddit. (Redditors, please skip to the next paragraph.) For those of you who are unfamiliar, subreddits are little corners of a larger site called reddit, a social sharing service where users submit content. Subreddits are generally focused on particular categories and topics.

/r/HOGforNoobs is a good solid mess of Harley stereotypin’ that got a chuckle or two from me. Topics covered include:

  • Overuse of the word "bro"
  • Keeping mileage on bikes low to retain a healthy resale value
  • Purchasing all related motorcycle gear from the dealer
  • Failing to acknowledge other marques of motorcycles as competent, fun, or even existent
  • Trailering bikes everywhere

Here's a sample:


Enjoy! Remember, stereotypes are funny because they're all a little true.