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KTM planning new mid-size V-twins!

Dec 09, 2014

KTM's motorcycles perform incredibly, the company's branding is spot on, and the bikes are just the right amount of unique and rare to be really cool. The only blemish on KTM's record, at least for me, is that everything under 990 ccs has had a single cylinder — until now.

KTM's Stefan Pierer revealed to the nice folks over at MCN that KTM would have "a new KTM mid-class of bikes within around three years... we are working on 600 to 800 cc V-twins."

Word is, this new line of V-twins will also be available for use in Husqvarna's bikes, as well, which Pierer says will have a full range of street models between 450 cc and 1300 cc.

KTM's large-displacement range has won a ton of attention (and success), but the mid-range bikes have long been left untouched. The Duke 690 is the best bike I could never own, simply because I could never live day to day with a single cylinder that buzzy. It tickled my hands and feet until they fell asleep on any freeway stint over 20 miles.

Just the thought of an orange-colored competitor for the Yamaha FZ-07 or Ducati Monster has me ecstatic for the future of the Austrian company.