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EICMA: Honda True Adventure prototype

Nov 04, 2014

Wouldn't it be cool if Honda released some awesome bikes at EICMA instead of just teasing us with prototypes?

Our sources inside say that was actually the plan for the bike we've been calling the Africa Twin, but delays in production have left us with this "True Adventure" prototype and wanting more.

Honda Pure Adventure Prototype
Honda True Adventure prototype. Honda photo.

This long-rumored and highly anticipated prototype looks pretty similar to many of the renderings floating around the web. I have to admit, it looks very much like Honda is headed in the right direction. You can see from the photos it has a parallel twin engine and the motorcycle looks fairly diminutive, which is good.

With no Tokyo Motor Show this year, it's hard to guess when we might see a production model announced. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long.