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Highside/Lowside podcast: The Moto Dating Game is back!

May 26, 2023

There are plenty of advice columnists out there doling out guidance to the lovelorn, but what about those riders who just need some help deciding which motorcycle is right for them? Well, we're happy to report the Moto Dating Game is back.

Your Highside/Lowside hosts, Spurgeon and Zack, try to match up riders with the right bike for their needs. This episode's Dating Game contestants range from a five-year rider who wants something practical and comfortable for long commutes and out-of-town trips to an experienced rider who wants to sharpen her skills by doing track days. See if you think our hosts come up with the right suggestion or overlook an obvious choice. Plus, you get to hear both Spurgeon and Zack practice their best TV game show host booming voices as they introduce each new contestant.

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As always, the podcast version of Spurgeon and Zack's discussion is available via SpotifyApple iTunesStitcher, and LibSyn for those with accounts.