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Five (different) questions with Supercross rookie Cole Seely

Jan 06, 2015

During the press conference before the opening round of Monster Energy AMA Supercross at Anaheim, Calif., Saturday, one reporter asked veteran rider Chad Reed why all the riders seemed a bit bored or stiff.

"It’s just for the most part we’ve done it a time or two," Reed responded. "I think the media always thinks, ‘Ah yeah, this guy’s stiff, he’s a bit of a robot.’ But your guys’ questions aren’t that amazing, either. So, what do you expect from us? Ask us a good question, we’ll give you a good answer." I highly recommend watching that here

So when I had the chance to sit down for a few minutes before the race with Cole Seely, the 450-class rookie moving up from 250s to a spot on the Honda factory race team, I didn't want to ask him how excited he was about his new team and sponsors or otherwise bore him to death. So I decided to ask Cole whatever popped into my head and seemed interesting.

Morning practice sessions. Photo by Sean MacDonald.

SM: I guess I should start with a racing question. What's the biggest change in jumping up to the 450 class? Is it just that everything is faster or do you actually change your training or strategy?

CS: Yeah, it really isn't super different. Obviously the bikes are bigger and the other racers are better, faster, but the biggest thing is endurance. In 250 class, we only do like half of the races, while the 450 class competes in all 17 rounds. I've spent a lot more time in the gym and a ton more time on the bicycle trying to get ready for the demands that puts on my body.

SM: What's the best way to train to get better on a dirtbike?

CS: I do a ton of mountain biking, and find that I see a ton of improvements as I get better on the bicycle. I've really fallen in love with mountain biking. You build a ton of strength in your legs and the cardio is perfect.

Feeling out the track. Photo by Sean MacDonald.

SM: What kind of motorcycles do you like to ride that aren't dirtbikes?

CS: My contract actually prohibits me from riding anything else, so it's just the dirtbike and my bicycles for me. I built a 1974 Honda CB550 that I loved, but sold it because I wasn't able to ride it anymore. I wish I kept it. I really love cafe racers.

SM: What's your favorite track to ride?

CS: Definitely Milestone MX Park in Riverside. They have really deep dirt which makes for super good ruts and rad lines. At this level, you sort of get used to jumping and flying through the air, so working on turns and the tight technical stuff is more interesting to me than just huge jumps.

SM: At RevZilla, everyone is either a Pirate, a Ninja, or a Cowboy. Which one are you?

CS: Oooh, that's a tough one. It's between cowboy or pirate, but if I had to choose one, I would probably say I'm a cowboy.

RevZilla video
"Lame? Seriously, Cole?" Photo from RevZilla video.
SM: Lastly, what do you think of Anthony's T-shirt in his videos?

CS: I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty lame. My real question is, why is it so tight?

What would you have asked? Leave your questions in the comments below and I'll ask them next time I have the chance to do an interview. Also, we'll send a RevZilla T-shirt to anyone who can find me a video clip of the Chad Reed comment. That thing deserves to see the light.