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Ducati issues teaser video for its Scrambler

Jun 12, 2014

We've known for a while now that Ducati has something in the works that they were calling a Scrambler. Whether it would be a red version of the one currently offered by Triumph, or something much more Italian, has all completely been left to bounce around in our imaginations for months.

born in 1962 from Scrambler Ducati on Vimeo.

Ducati released this video this week, as well as a short press release that basically provides zero helpful information, outside of the fact that it will be released in 2015. We tried to tap our contacts inside Ducati North America but were basically told we were going to have to wait quite a while before more information dribbles out.

The video would have us believe this is the silhouette of the new Ducati Scrambler.
There are short glimpses in the video that give some clues to what it will look like. After clicking the start/pause button several hundred times, I was able to stop the video on the silhouette of the bike, which makes it look like a stripped down, yet slightly more upright Monster. It would seem to make sense for Ducati to use the 821cc engine they’ve been putting in everything, but at the same time there's a glimpse of something at the 31-second mark that looks suspiciously like cooling fins, suggesting an air-cooled engine. I would love to see something air-cooled and with some grunt to it.

What else do you see in the video that could tell us more about what to expect?