Common Tread

Chrome and See See create motorcycle gold

Oct 15, 2014

Chrome approached our friends over at See See Motor Coffee Co. to help design some bags that would better meet motorcyclists' needs. What they got was something so much more.

Take a moment, put your phone down, and make sure you have six and a half minutes to devote to the best thing you'll watch all month. From scuba bikes to trikes to paddle tires to dead fish, this video gets all sorts of weird and looks like all sorts of fun. I might just order a bag to support whoever approved this abomination with the hopes See See will be the next big thing in marketing and we'll one day see one of these videos as a Super Bowl ad or something. OK, that may be reaching a bit, but you get the point.

You're gonna want to go full screen and pump the sound. Drake McElroy flying through the air with balloons tied to his bike while "Fly Like An Eagle" plays the background is a strangely perfect moment.

While we're talking about it, the bags look pretty nice too. The main compartment is 100 percent waterproof, thanks to its roll-top design and floating tarpaulin bucket liner. The shell is made from ballistic nylon which, as shown in the video, slides down the road pretty well. The large front pocket has space for tools and places for electronics or journals, if you're the type. Thanks to the compression straps on the side, the bag can expand from 22 liters to 34 liters.

Happy Hump Day, y'all. Now get back to work.