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Amazing video of the day: "A Day at Home" with Chris Hollis

Mar 06, 2014

Chris Hollis is a badass.

Okay, so this video isn’t exactly new. But if it just popped up on my radar, it may not have popped up on yours. It’s worth watching (or re-watching) regardless, just to see the sort of magic that can happen in the woods. And we're not talking fairies and unicorns.

Chris Hollis is a two-time Australian Off-Road Championship Outright winner who does things on his KTM 450EXC we mere mortals couldn’t dream of doing.

Cool terrain, superhuman riding skills, a nice use of slow-mo (be sure to watch carefully on the stream-crossing scene to see the individual exhaust pulses) and that M83 song that seems to pair perfectly with action sports vids make for a perfect recipe.

Does this make anyone else feel like taking the rest of the day off and going for a ride, or is it just me?