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Brammo is raising funds, shows sketch of an eCruiser

Sep 27, 2014

Electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo is seeking another round of financing, and as part of its pitch it released sketches of three new models: a small scooter, an off-road bike and a motorcycle called the eCruiser that looks like it would directly challenge Harley-Davidson's LiveWire (if the LiveWire goes from prototype to production stage).

This is a tough week to do anything in the motorcycle industry without people noticing, with journalists all over the world scouring every edge of the internet for tips about what's to come from the INTERMOT show next week. So, it's no surprise that when Brammo added some new sketches to the company's EarlyShares page, people were bound to notice.

Brammo product drawings

The sketches show an expanded model lineup, most notably a bike Brammo is calling the eCruiser. Timing is perfect, after the hubbub created by Project LiveWire drew increased attention to the electric segment recently. Harley's decision to get into the game is huge for electric motorcycles. In addition to the eCruiser, the drawings show an off-road bike and a scooter. Both also make sense. By eliminating noise issues, an electric motocross bike could be hugely beneficial in allowing motocross at tracks that were built in rural areas that are now suburban. And given the limitations on range and recharging infrastructure, electric motorcycles today work best as urban transport, so an affordable scooter is an obvious addition to the lineup.

The real question is whether these sketches will ever come to life or are just a way for Brammo to get the attention of investors and drum up more funding. Brammo has been through previous rounds of funding, including a $28 million investment three years ago by Polaris, maker of Victory and Indian motorcycles. Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher has also talked publicly about taking the company public with an initial public offering (IPO) of stock, but that would be after the current round of funding. An IPO is significantly more complicated and expensive than private fundraising.

We're fans of any and all new offerings in the electric bike market, so here's hoping these sketches become more than just a fundraising tool.