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Best beginner motorcycle gear 2022

Mar 08, 2022

Your journey on two wheels is just getting started. Why not get the right gear from the start and be better prepared for the road ahead? 

At this point, you’ve probably got your bike picked out or at least a few options you’re ready to jump on when the right deal comes along. Now, you’re looking at gear because you want to be smart and stay safe when you’re ripping around on two wheels. But, for better or worse, there’s so much gear to choose from you don’t even know where to begin. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. 

Best beginner gear picks of 2022

Every year at RevZilla’s headquarters we gather feedback from our fellow riders, customers, and our team of experts who are continually testing products to assemble a list of gear specifically suited for beginners out there riding on a variety of bikes. And, while this segment is focused on riders who are just getting started, many riders can benefit from this selection of gear.

The selection process

People who have been riding for years often buy one piece of gear at a time, as something wears out. But if you're just starting, you need everything and the cost can add up fast. That's why we try to stick to a maximum price of $200 for each individual item while also choosing versatile gear that will work for street riders on many different kinds and styles of motorcycles, all while keeping you protected. All our beginner picks are either unisex, available in both men’s and women’s versions, or you’ll find select options for men and women in a given category. Let’s take a closer look! 

The best beginner motorcycle gear of 2022
HJC i10 helmet
Best beginner helmet 
    • Snell M2020 rating
    • Light weight
    REV'IT! Wind 2 jacket
    Best men's beginner jacket
      • Clean styling
      • Maximum airflow
      Olympia Eve 2 jacket
      Best women's jacket
        • Excellent versatility
        • Over-and-under rain jacket
        REAX Tasker Perforated gloves
        Best beginner gloves
          • Knuckle protection
          • Touchscreen-capable
          Bull-It Tactical jeans
          Best beginner jeans
            • Casual styling
            • Aramid reinforcements
            Street & Steel Oakland boots
            Best beginner footwear
              • Waterproof
              • Full leather boots
              REAX Fulton Air boots
              Best beginner footwear
                • Casual sneaker style
                • Natural nubuck leather
                Dainese York shoes
                Best beginner footwear
                  • Casual high top style
                  • WP version available

                  Best beginner helmet: HJC i10 Helmet

                  The most important piece of gear you’ll wear is your helmet. Keeping the latest safety certifications, noise levels, and overall weight in mind, we chose a helmet at an excellent price that could work well on just about any bike you’ll find on the market. The HJC i10 checked all the boxes for our new riders out there. 

                  HJC i90
                  HJC i90 helmet. RevZilla photo.

                  The HJC i10 sports both SNELL M2020 and DOT certification (in sizes XS to 2XL), which is not easy to find at this price point. You might notice this helmet size chart goes up to a 5XL, which is impressive in its own right, but those sizes will be DOT only.

                  The i10 has an intermediate oval head shape, which is the most common head shape in the American market. The i10 also features a lightweight polycarbonate shell weighing approximately three pounds, nine ounces in a size medium. Other features include HJ-31 Pinlock-ready face shield which is optically correct with 95 percent UV protection. All the cheek pads are interchangeable throughout the shell sizes for greater customization. And, you’ll find two speaker pockets and recessed areas for wiring built into the helmet’s interior to accommodate HJC’s HJC10B or 20B Bluetooth communicator. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to use HJC’s Bluetooth system as this helmet will accommodate most brands found on the market. (Check out our Bluetooth Gear Guide to learn more about these units.) 

                  HJC i10 helmet
                  HJC i90 helmet. RevZilla photo.

                  This combination of feature and price makes the i10 is an excellent beginner option for the street that we feel confident recommending it to anyone starting their journey on two wheels.

                  Working our way from head to toe, up next, we’ll take a closer look at a few jackets. 

                  Best beginner jacket: REV’IT! Wind 2 Jacket

                  REV’IT! gear continues to provide an excellent combination of style, function, and protection. The Wind 2 Jacket is no exception. This jacket provides an incredible amount of airflow so you can stay cool in the heat of the summer without giving up protection. This lightweight mesh jacket features a 100 percent polyester RIPSTOP 600 denier construction in the high impact zones with a 500-denier outer shell.

                  REVIT Wind 2 jacket
                  REV'IT! Wind 2 jacket. RevZilla photo.

                  The strategically placed CE1 SeeSmart armor can be found at the shoulders and elbows. The back protector is not included in this jacket and whether you’re a new rider or a seasoned one, a back protector is always recommended. You can pick up REV’IT!’s SeeSoft Back Protector for approximately $63. Just make sure to reference the sizing chart to ensure you’re grabbing the right one. 

                  The overall style is very simple and clean — no giant logos or distracting fonts for a look that works well with any bike on the road. Additionally, the “touring” fit strikes a balance between snug and loose, so whether you're in a more aggressive, tucked, sport riding position or in a more upright touring position, the Wind 2 jacket will provide good range of motion. 

                  Best women’s beginner jacket: Olympia Eve 2 Jacket

                  For female riders, our top pick goes to the Olympia Eve 2 Jacket. This is a jacket that has made an appearance in our Gear Guides before as it’s incredibly versatile and an excellent “bang for the buck” option.

                  Olympia Eve 2 jacket
                  Olympia Eve Air jacket. RevZilla photo.

                  The EVE 2 features a 600-denier abrasion-resistant outer shell with a cool mesh lining. You’ll also find CE 2 armor at the shoulders and elbows, and Olympia includes a CE 2 back protector as a standard offering. This is an excellent value add as most manufactures do not include a back protector, especially at this price point. 

                  Another benefit the Olympia Eve 2 Jacket provides is the over-under rain liner. This is where the versatility comes into play. Riders can wear the rain liner over top of the jacket for protection from the elements or it can be kept on the inside of the jacket for a bit of barrier for those chilly morning rides. As a new rider, you may not plan to ride in the rain but if you ride long enough, you’ll find that the weather forecast isn’t always accurate. The chances of you getting caught in some inclement weather are fairly high and if you’re not prepared, it can really put a damper on your day (pun intended).

                  The Olympia Eve 2 Women’s Jacket is primarily a touring-style warm weather jacket. The addition of the liner allows you to push the seasonality a bit further, depending on your region. 

                  When it comes to the overall fit, the Olympia Eve 2 Jacket is a bit more on the American-cut side of the spectrum, meaning the fit is a bit more generous. If you’re looking for something a bit more fitted in a “Euro” cut jacket, check out the Dainese Sevilla Air Tex Women’s jacket.

                  Dainese Sevilla Tex Air jacket
                  Dainese Sevilla Air Tex jacket. RevZilla photo.

                  Though it doesn’t have the same versatility as the Eve 2, it’s another great option for female riders just getting started.

                  Best beginner gloves: Reax Tasker Perforated Gloves

                  Up next, we’ve got gloves. We’ve all seen quite a few riders forgo a pair of gloves while riding and we’d strongly recommend wearing gloves at all times on the bike. In the unfortunate event of a crash, your first instinct is to put your hands out in front of you to brace for impact. Even if riders have a small tip over in a parking lot, which is very common, a pair of gloves can dramatically reduce injuries to the hands. 

                  REAX Tasker Perf gloves
                  REAX Tasker Perforated gloves. RevZilla photo.

                  Motorcycle gloves should first and foremost provide protection. Many gloves achieve this with impact protection around the knuckles, fingers, and palm. 

                  Additionally, moto gloves should be comfortable to wear. If they’re not comfortable, that might mean they don’t fit properly and you certainly don't want your gloves to hinder your hand movement when operating your motorcycle's controls. Your gloves should feel nice and snug as they will relax with regular use but comfortable enough to easily operate your controls.

                  The Reax Tasker Perforated Gloves are protective, comfortable, and have a classic style. They’re constructed using 100 percent cowhide leather on the back of the hand with a durable goat leather on the palm side. The goat construction on the palm is very comfortable to wear and provides excellent tactile feel of your controls. 

                  The thick cowhide leather combined with the TPR knuckle and finger inserts provide impact protection as well as abrasion resistance. You’ll also find a palm pad insert for vibration dampening for a greater level of comfort for those longer days on the road. Speaking of being on the road, most riders utilize their phone for navigation, much like you would in a car. The Tasker gloves have a touchscreen-capable index finger and thumb so you can pull over and easily utilize your phone without removing your gloves.

                  The Taskers are also available in a version specifically designed for women, the Reax Tasker Women’s Air Gloves. And while the name is slightly different, they provide the same benefits found in the male version.

                  Next on the list for riders just getting started, we’ve got riding jeans.  

                  Best beginner jeans: Bull-it jeans

                  Once the team here at RevZilla put some miles down in the Bull-it riding jeans, they quickly became a favorite among our fellow staffers. They’re tough to beat, considering the classic jean style, how easy they make it to find the right fit, and the protection they provide at this price point.

                  These jeans look like your everyday pair of jeans but have the added benefit of abrasion resistance built in. They blend right into the crowd, so you don’t have to change out of your riding gear once you arrive to your destination.

                  Bull-It Tactical jeans
                  Bull-It Tactical jeans. RevZilla photo.

                  The abrasion resistance comes from the Covec fibers which are woven into the denim. This makes the jeans very comfortable and low-profile. You might find alternative brands that cost a bit less but most of those brands will utilize large panels of Kevlar on the inside of the jeans, which are less comfortable, add a bit of bulk, and can often get pretty hot, especially in the summer. 

                  The Bull-it jeans also make it very easy to understand what fit the jeans are going to provide as it’s simply detailed in the title of the product so you don't have to sort through every little detail on the product page until you find the words “slim fit” or “straight fit” to confirm which option you’re looking at.

                  One thing to consider is that these jeans do not include armor. Bull-it 264 CE Level 2 Knee Armor is available for about $17 for a set and the same price for the hip armor. Most brands don’t include the hip armor but including knee armor has become more of a common practice among various brands. While we typically like to see the knee armor included, these jeans still beat a lot of the competition with their style, comfort, and protection, given the price point.

                  Let’s take a look at the last piece of gear, riding footwear.   

                  Best beginner footwear: Street & Steel Oakland Boots

                  The Street & Steel Oakland Boots may look like your everyday pair of boots but they provide subtle features and benefits for riders. The Oakland boots are designed to withstand the abuse of the ride with a full leather main construction and a heavy-lug sole. These also feature a waterproof Hipora breathable membrane for greater versatility and protection from the elements.

                  Street & Steel Oakland boots
                  Street & Steel Oakland boots. RevZilla photo.

                  Reinforced ankle cups, toe box, and heel cup provide an extra level of protection not found in your everyday footwear so you can feel confident during the ride. One of the advantages of casual riding shoes and boots like these is the “walkability” they provide. More aggressive sport and touring-style boots may provide more protection, but they are not always the easiest to walk around in for any prolonged amount of time.

                  Speaking of casual riding shoes and walkability, if you’re looking for something with more of a sneaker style, the Reax Fulton Air Riding Shoes are another great alternative. The Fultons include protective ankle cups, a reinforced toe, heel, and the sidewall of these riding shoes are a bit stiffer than what you’d find with your everyday sneakers.

                  REAX Fulton Air boots
                  REAX Fulton WP or Air boots. RevZilla photo.

                  This provides a greater level of stability and protection to the ankle. A gusseted, padded tongue uses webbing to keep your laces in place so they won't get snagged on your bike, and a dual-compound sole with a high-grip texture pattern keeps you locked into the pegs. As the name implies, the Fulton Airs flow a great amount of air and would be an excellent option for the summer riding season. If you’re looking for a bit more versatility, the Fulton riding shoes are offered in a waterproof version, as well.

                  Right in line with the Reax Fulton riding shoes, our female riders should take a closer look at the Dainese York Women’s Shoes. The York shoes offer a lot of the same benefits found in the Fulton riding shoes, like rigid inserts around the ankles, excellent walkability, and these riding shoes are also offered in a waterproof version the Daniese York D-WP Women’s Shoes.

                  Dainese York shoes
                  Dainese York shoes. RevZilla photo.

                  Hopefully this Gear Guide has pointed you in the right direction, narrowed down your search, and provided information worth considering when sifting through the endless sea of gear. Getting started on two wheels is one of the most exciting chapters of riding. There’s so much to learn, take it all in. Some of those first rides are the rides you’ll remember for the rest of your life. But most of all, have a blast and stay safe. 

                  Make sure to check out our other Gear Guides for our top-ranked picks for every rider out there.