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Are we about to see an 800 cc Triumph Street Triple?

Jul 21, 2015

The Triumph Street and Speed Triple have often made me feel a little like Goldilocks.

The Street Triple is a fantastic motorcycle, but one that makes you wring its neck to get speed out. The Speed Triple is an absolute monster, but begins to feel piggish for a wide variety of riding. Something that fell in between could be juuuust right.

I rode a Monster 821 a bit at the same time I was doing my testing for the Triumph Street Triple R review, and while the Ducati didn't feel as well sorted out, it's still the bike I would buy between the two. The Street Triple is incredibly capable, but just doesn't wow me.

With the Yamaha FZ-09 stealing sales from the little triple and MV Agusta getting their affairs in order (the 800 cc triple in that Brutale is simply stunning), it's no surprise that Triumph took a good look at the 800 cc motor in the Tiger and found a way to re-work it for sportier applications. The chart below is from Triumph's market research and has made the rounds on the web. Just as the Tiger 800 line has split into different slices, this document suggests Triumph will upsize the Street Triple and make four versions.

This graph, created from Triumph Market research, shows the different variations planned for the Street Triple 800. Triumph photo.

The Tiger only makes 94 horsepower from its 800 cc triple, 10 less than the 675 cc Street Triple, because its 61.9 mm x 74 mm bore x stroke is tuned for more torque lower in the rev range. To hit the 125 horsepower target in the chart, Triumph will need to drastically re-work the motor to resemble something closer to the one found in the Brutale, which has a bore and stroke of 79 mm x 54 mm.

These new bikes range from 110 to 125 horsepower (10-15 more than the Monster) and feature multiple riding modes, as well as vastly updated displays. The R becomes the middle-of-the-road option, with a faired RT (touring) model and top-level RS (sport) model above it. The RS comes with fully adjustable Ohlins suspension, lean angle traction control, track ABS, and additional riding modes.

Between new Street Triples, the Bobber, and the Street Tracker, it could be a really busy launch season for the Brits, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if these new Street Triples weren't unveiled next year as 2017 models.