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A BMW Scrambler is in the works

Apr 23, 2015

It comes as no surprise that BMW isn't content to let Triumph and Ducati have all the 70s-inspired retro fun.

MCN is reporting that BMW plans to release a range of lower-cost models based on the R nineT platform.

The Scrambler model is set to be released by the end of the year, probably late fall during bike launch season. BMW also has two more models in the works for 2016, one of which is assumed to be some sort of cafe racer, according to the MCN report.

The German brand's move seems only fitting, given its long and beloved heritage. If a 70s-BMW-themed Ruby Castel could get me all worked up about a ridiculously priced, poorly performing helmet, just think what a BMW Scrambler in that livery is going to do to me. Who wouldn't love a production version of the Mighty Motor Bavarian Scrambler we got to ride last November?

BMW R nineT
The BMW R nine T has become a top seller for the company right out of the gate. It could also be the platform for new models. BMW photo.

The R nineT is currently the fourth-best-selling Motorrad model, behind the two versions of the R 1200 GS and the R 1200 RT, with almost 8,500 of the roadsters sold globally in 2014.

The one thing that keeps sticking out is the mention of these new models being part of a lower-priced or budget line of motorcycles. The R nineT is a wonderful bike, but its massive 110 horsepower and 88 foot-pounds of torque aren't really all that entry-level or poor-hipster-friendly.

BMW will likely resort to cheaper suspension, brakes, and tank and bodywork, but I don't know if that will deliver anywhere near the same experience, given what's needed to harness the power of that motor. The idea of a BMW Scrambler that rides like the first stock Yamaha FZ-09 isn't really all that interesting, and I would actually rather see BMW create an 800 cc air-cooled twin to fit the application, as its power and weight would be far more appropriate for the spec sheet and more likely buyer. Unfortunately, BMW hasn't yet seen the wisdom of asking me for my opinions.

Expect more news on this come early November, though you can bet we'll keep our ears to the ground in the meantime.