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2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse photo leaked

Feb 10, 2015

Roar. Firework. Dark Horse. Wide Awake. Teenage Dream.

All of the above were considered as possible names for Indian's newest addition to the Chief range. OK, that's a lie. They're all Katy Perry songs. But they could have been.

The 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse is due for release Friday at the International Motorcycle Show in Chicago and the shots were first leaked on Asphalt & Rubber.

2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse. Asphalt and Rubber photo.

Based on the Indian Chief Classic, the Dark Horse will feature a 1,811 cc air-cooled V-twin making 73 horsepower and 100 foot-pounds of torque. We expect that features like the Chief Classic's keyless ignition system and ABS will also make their way onto the Teenage Dream....err, Dark Horse.

The only real differences we see are the single seat and the murdered-out, matte-black paint job.

2016 Indian Dark Horse front fender. Indian photo.

This bike makes me feel so many things. For some reason, I can't look at the front headlight or fender without thinking Rocketeer, and the whole bike looks like some silly custom you'd see on Pimp My Ride or West Coast Customs — but maybe that's what they're going for?

2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse. Asphalt and Rubber photo.

What do you think of the Dark Horse? Do you see a double rainbow when you look at it, or does it sort of circle the drain for you? OK, I'll stop with the Katy Perry song titles now.