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Supercross withdrawal? No worries. Motocross is here, on TV and online

Jun 11, 2014

If you're like me, you're going through some pretty heavy Supercross withdrawal. Luckily for us, it's Motocross season.

As I've already stated, I think Supercross produces some of the most exciting racing I’ve seen. As much as I enjoy seeing Marc Márquez win every race from pole, that just doesn’t keep me on the edge of my seat like watching Barcia and Stewart take different lines and swap positions on every turn, lap after lap.

Unfortunately, Supercross season is over and has been replaced by its less sexy outdoor cousin, motocross (the original form of the sport). Motocross lacks the lasers, ground-shaking PA sound systems and comfy stadium seats of Supercross, but the neat part is that you get to watch the world’s best riders on bigger, faster tracks than you could ever cram into a stadium, tracks that Joe Everyman can go ride any other weekend of the year. The season opened at Glen Helen Raceway, a local Southern California track, and watching pros ride that track the way it’s meant to be ridden instead of, say, how I ride it, is mind blowing. Plus, with Ryan Villopoto at home nursing a surgically repaired knee, the racing is wide open.

NBC Sports (NBCSN) has signed to cover motocross this season and is actually doing a fantastic job. They plan to air 20 hours of race coverage as well as 15 hours of race recap. Motocross is shown live on NBC Sports and is also available online. For those of you who missed the first races of the season and need to get caught up, the races are archived.

Join the conversation in the comments section below. Who do you think is going to win this year? Do you miss Supercross or are you a traditionalist who loves the outdoor season?