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Best Motorcycle Gloves

Get A Grip With RevZilla’s Top Picks
A blip here, a twist there, a full roll on the throttle and hit that next turn wide open. Motorcycles respond best to meaningful input so grip those bars like you mean it while wearing the best motorcycle gloves! The design features, premium materials and superior construction of these gloves make for a fun, safe and comfortable ride no matter your preferred terrain. Should you go down, the best motorcycle gloves for riding can literally save your skin. You’ll also be able to deflect debris and wind without worry, weather nearly any storm and look good while doing it all.
Here at RevZilla, we’re riders, too, and there’s no way we were going to tackle this topic with kid gloves. Nope, our staff of experts put their first-hand knowledge to the test and picked out the performers for a variety of riding types, climate conditions and the needs of modern motorcyclists. Why should you heed our advice… and what’s to gain from doing so? Hands-down, the best motorcycle gloves money can buy in 2023 are on this page so read on and gear up for the adventure ahead.

Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Summer doesn’t mean skimpy

Best Overall - Reax Superfly Mesh Gloves
Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves - Dainese MIG 3 Air Tex Gloves - Shop Now
Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves - REV'IT! Avion 3 Gloves - Shop Now
When you turn up the temperature with white-knuckle rides, the best summer motorcycle gloves will really shine. Our top pick in this category is the REAX Superfly mesh gloves, which knock it out of the park with breathability and thermoplastic rubber (TPR) protection.
In the bang-for-your-buck department, Dainese’s MIG Air 3 gloves also deliver breathable materials integrated with high quality protection, while the  REV’IT! Avion 3 Gloves offer up air flow through perforated leather, plus the presence of TPR sliders. No matter which of these suits your style and needs best, don’t be tempted to go glove-less just because of how hot it is outside. Summer doesn’t have to mean skimping on safety, and each of these robust, street-ready gloves will keep you cool and protected. 

Best Short Cuff Motorcycle Gloves

Do-it-all options for all-terrain explorers

Best Overall - REV'IT! Sand 4 Gloves
Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves - Sedici Lucca Gloves - Shop Now
Runner Up - Knox Urbane Pro Gloves
For a well-rounded glove that provides ample protection without gauntlet-style length, our overall winner in this category is the REV’IT! Sand 4. It’s a long-running best-seller that can easily transition from major highway mileage to some light dirt duty. Yes, we’re looking at you, ADV rider who’ll peel off the tarmac at the whiff of a fire road. This same dual purpose versatility is what makes short cuff gloves a popular choice for those who ride a few types of bikes, opt to rock the same pair of gloves for each and save a few dollars in the process.

Sedici’s Lucca glove is our “best value” nomination thanks to its competitive price and desirable features like perforated leather and a gel-padded palm. The “honorable mention” goes to Knox. Their Urbane Pro glove touts a patented protection system and provides plenty of breathability. What’s worth noting, however, is that our staff says each of these gloves is best suited for summer or warm weather rides.

Best Dirt Bike Gloves

Get on the gas with these motocross gloves

Best Overall - Fox Racing Dirtpaw 4 Gloves
Best Value - BILT Breaker Off-Road Gloves
Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves - REV'IT! Massif Gloves - Shop Now
Anyone who rides or races off-road knows there’s not a moment of downtime in the dirt. You need responsive, tactile gloves that’ll still shield you from roost. For a sure-fire winner, Fox Racing’s Dirtpaw glove is an all-time best-seller that regularly receives an annual refresh. Available in a wide array of eye-catching colors, you can easily match these to the rest of your kit or bike — and we all know style points count in motocross.

If you prefer to dip a toe, or thumb in this case, into some gear before splurging, try BILT. The Breaker off-road glove is right around that Dirtpaw pricepoint, but features knuckle protection and touchscreen capability. Troy Lee earns the honorable mention here with their Air gloves that are fresh and flashy — and would you expect anything less from these guys?

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

Your new best friend when Mother Nature isn’t

Best Overall - Klim Adventure GTX Short 4 Gloves
Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves - Sedici Antonio Waterproof Gloves  - Shop Now
Runner Up - REAX Ridge Waterproof Gloves
For every breathtaking vista and once-in-a-blue-moon adventure, there’s a rain delay or sudden snow squall. Roll with the punches when you rock our top pick for the best waterproof motorcycle glove: Klim’s Adventure GTX Short. Our staff experts lauded these gloves for Gore-Tex and Gore Grip construction that still offers plenty of tactile feedback. While our experts only recommend these for cold weather riding, the glass-half-full perspective means they could be the best winter motorcycle gloves in your gear closet!

For your money and ours, the Sedici Antonio is a cost-conscious option that offers a completely waterproof membrane liner. As a runner-up, the REAX Ridge waterproof glove is one that’s quite breathable while benefitting from a McFit bonded waterproof liner. Take a god look around at these waterproof offerings because we think you can find the best motorcycle gauntlet gloves as being closely related to this category.

Things to Consider

Hand-picking the best motorcycle riding gloves
Track day dasher or highway long-hauler? The “best motorcycle glove” for you is the one designed for your riding style. We’ve previously explained the different cuff cuts, which’ll get you pointed in the right direction, but there’s more to it than that. This non-negotiable part of your riding kit needs to meet very specific needs and, lucky for you, they’ve been purpose-built for it. The best waterproof motorcycle gloves, as one example, are a prime candidate for those who commute daily on their bikes or live in a particularly damp or cold region. The best motorcycle gauntlet gloves may be required by a road racing organization for their armor while the best cruiser motorcycle gloves or touchscreen-compatible ones are made for touring folks. Consider what your current pair is lacking and review the offerings spotlighted here.

Advantages of the safest motorcycle glove
“Tuck and roll” is good and well, but a sudden spill will likely leave you putting hands out in front in an attempt to catch yourself. This natural instinct forces the best motorcycle gloves to the ultimate test. Road rash and thrashed gear still beats a lot of other outcomes — and you can thank quality design features for that. So unless you like thwacking branches with your bare hands, look for gloves with TPR protectors built into knuckle guards, palms, fingers and thumbs. Gloves that have certified Conformité Européene (CE) protection levels, like the Dainese’s Airmaze nominated here, meet well-known European benchmarks.

Best materials for a motorcycle glove
Overall, your bike type is going to dictate apparel choices along with the material used in the best gloves for motorcycle riding. Sportbike racers, street riders and cruiser owners will benefit from the best leather motorcycle gloves. Big on protection while factoring for breathability, these are beefier gloves for racing and the open road made to deflect danger and protect the rider. The best summer motorcycle gloves, on the other hand, are likely going to be short cuff, thinner, possibly mesh or textile and definitely prioritize ventilation. Dirt and motocross gloves need to provide a degree of dexterity so the offerings here will be thinner still; expect multiple layers of suede or synthetics like blended nylon to deliver that flexibility.

Real riders offer best motorcycle glove reviews
You’ve turned to our annual Gear Guides year after year for an unfiltered opinion on what works, what’s worth it and what to buy next. We value what RevZilla customers have to say, too, and take your reviews seriously. Our top dirt pick from Fox is lauded in those same reviews for its comfort, fit and years of flawless service under demanding conditions. Our best waterproof motorcycle gloves nomination got the nod from shoppers for being a quality build, but the fit didn’t always line up with expectations. Utilize these reviews to get your sizing right and read this handy article (pun intended) from Common Tread for further insight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand makes the best motorcycle gloves?

In addition to the brands we’ve nominated here, some other solid bets include offerings from Alpinestars, Fly Racing, Joe Rocket, Rukka, Spidi and quite a few more. Didn’t see something you liked? All major brands tend to roll out re-worked offerings annually or every year-and-a-half so stick with RevZilla for the latest products.

How should motorcycle gloves fit?

An ill-fitting glove will quickly make itself known and never truly wear-in right. It doesn’t need to be this way. Learn more about the ergonomic design of these gloves and how to size and buy them with this helpful article.

How much does a motorcycle glove cost?

As with all motorcycling apparel, there’s a wide range to consider for both men and women. The best “cheap” motorcycle glove is the name brand one that’s on-sale — not the truly cheap gardening glove you borrowed from the basement. For your everyday rider who values a quality product and doesn’t need race-grade protection, expect to spend roughly $60 and up for items that don’t cut corners.

Best winter motorcycle gloves, best summer motorcycle gloves… a happy medium?

Every tool has its job and that’s still the case with the best motorcycle riding gloves for certain seasons. Some of our picks above do extend to spring and fall so you can get double duty out of your best winter and summer motorcycle gloves. For true cold weather warrior options, check out our heated gloves here.

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason why you rarely see riders without the best motorcycle gloves on. These straightforward bits of kit are loaded with features designed to meet very specific needs. From keeping you warm and dry to cool, calm and collected, the best gloves for motorcycle riding are purpose-built items. They’ve been designed by people just like you who know what it’s like to wrestle with handlebars at speed.

If you’ve spotted something on this page that you like — great! Our job here of serving the riding community has been accomplished. If you’re still hunting for the best summer, short cuff, dirt or waterproof glove of 2023 and want some more insight, get in touch with our Gear Geeks. Use that link to reach staff who helped make these top picks through email, online chat or by calling 877-792-9455.