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Best Motorcycle Boots 2017

Safety, Comfort, and Style to Boot

2017's Best Motorcycle Footwear By Riding Style

How awesome would it be if in your favorite cowboy movie, the hero sauntered into town like a boss, called out the villains, strolled up to the saloon, and kicked open the doors in… a pair of lime-green hockey skates? Not awesome at all is the answer. It would be strange and out of place, and you would be left scratching your head like “huh?” Finding the right boots set the tone, and our guide to the top motorcycle boots lists the ones that do it better than any others.

Boots are often the last piece of an outfit that one puts on when walking out the door, and they are the first to touch down at the destination. In looking at the top rated motorcycle footwear on the market, our experts have combined their collective opinions to ensure that the boots featured in our five buying guides showcase the very best that the industry has to offer. From the track to the trail, and every riding style (and weather condition) in between, our yearly look at the top-rated motorcycle footwear covers the best options in the categories of ADV & Dual Sport, Sport & Racing, Touring & Commuter, Cruiser, as well as our favorite Short Boots & Riding Shoes.
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