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Schuberth C3 Pro SRC System
  • Schuberth C3 Pro SRC System

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Schuberth SRC System for C3 Pro

The Schuberth SRC for C3 Pro is a communication system which is integrated into the acoustic collar of the Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet. You can install it in your helmet in just a few minutes according to the plug & play principle, and it is connected to the antenna integrated into the C3 Pro as a standard feature.

Feature Summary:

  • Intercom between rider and pillion passenger
  • Bike-to-bike intercom (up to 1000m)
  • Intercom conference mode for up to 9 bikers
  • VOX voice control
  • Mobile phone, MP3, GPS connection
  • Automatic gain control
  • Integrated VHF radio with RDS

Intercom: Up to four motorcyclists can communicate simultaneously with each other using the SRC­System PRO. Under ideal conditions the range is up to 1000 metres.

  • Range of up to 1000 metres depending on the terrain and visual contact
  • 4­way intercom conference circuit (full duplex)
  • "1+8" intercom communication between up to 9 bikers
  • Voice command: Voice recognition system for genuine handsfree operation
  • Click­to­Link: Enables intercom calls to be established spontaneously with other SRC­System users in the vicinity
  • Intercom to mobile: When the intercom range is exceeded

Voice Control (VOX): Voice­controlled connection set­up, acceptance and rejection

  • Dual hands-free profile for simultaneous connection of two mobile phones
  • A2DP/AVRCP profile for wireless stereo reception from an iPhone or other smartphones
  • A2DP/AVRCP profile for wireless stereo reception from an iPhone or other smartphones
  • Telephone conference between rider, pillion passenger and caller
  • Abbreviated dialling (can be set individually)

Phone + GPS: The connection between a mobile phone with Bluetooth capability and the SRC­System PRO is extremely simple to set up. Incoming calls can be accepted with a voice command and using the keys of the SRC­System PRO. This also applies for navigation devices with Bluetooth capability. After the SRC­System PRO has been connected to the GPS device, the rider can receive the voice instructions conveniently over the two ear­phones.

  • Simple control possible by means of voice commands (VOX)
  • Fully compatible with all leading Bluetooth navigation systems

MP3 & Music­Sharing: Most commonly available MP3 players can be connected to the SRC­System PRO via the multifunctional USB interface. If the MP3 device supports Bluetooth A2DP technology, no cable is required.

  • Easy to connect thanks to USB
  • Simple control using the SRC­System PRO's control keys
  • Music­Sharing (via A2DP) enables the rider and pillion passenger to receive the same stereo music simultaneously
  • Wireless stereo reception and remote control of compatible MP3 players (A2DP /AVRCP)

Automatic Gain Control (AGC): AGC technology automatically and constantly ensures optimum volume according to travelling speed and ambient noise (patented technology for individual adjustment)

  • Sensitivity can be configured individually with the software supplied

VHF Radio: The integrated VHF radio now enables you to listen to your favourite station and important traffic announcements while you are travelling. The antenna which is already integrated into the C3 Pro & C3 Pro Women as a standard feature guarantees top­quality reception at all times. Thanks to the RDS function the strongest signal for the selected frequency is always picked up, even at high speeds. You can store up to six radio stations.

  • RDS function for automatic station adjustment
  • User­defined programming possible with SRCS software
  • Traffic news can be received while travelling
  • High­speed selection of the six strongest radio channels in the vicinity at the press of a button
  • Automatic muting when navigation instructions or mobile phone calls are received

Software Update: Always keep up to date. The latest version of the SRC­System PRO is always available to you as a download. If you register your SRC­System PRO, you will be informed by email as soon as a software update is available.

Accessories & Technical Details:

  • Gooseneck microphone included
  • Up to 13 hours speaking time/1 week standby
  • Two HD loudspeakers (3.5 mm jack)
  • Waterproof and dust­ protected
  • 1 Range depends on terrain. Intercom operation requires other devices.
  • 2 Mobile phone and navigation operation only possible using Bluetooth ­compatible devices
  • 3 Microsoft Windows operating system is required.
  • 4 Minimum requirement: Windows XP / Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
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Schuberth C3 Pro SRC System 2.4 5 8 8
Good features but not easy to use. Difficult to link with other rider's SRC intercom - drops lock randomly, difficult to operate all functions - difficult to connect to BMW bluetooth system, difficult to connect to iPhone. Used first time last weekend. 1200+ miles in Central Colorado for Fall Colors touring. Passenger has C3W SRC - intercoms connect after several minutes of linkup time then drop randomly when riding. When NAV IV system audio announces a turn, rider intercom disconnects (as designed) and only 50% of the time would re-connect automatically with passenger's SRC. Have to turn off one or sometimes both SRC's to reconnect intercoms - problematic to do while riding, unsafe in fact. When connected to iPhone: Supersedes NAV IV and intercom as designed, but after a call is completed, less than half the time would the intercoms automatically re-connect. Very frustrating considering how expensive this unit is. When FM radio feature is on - the unit would not turn radio off unless the SRC Pro was powered down. Voice recognition feature: DOES NOT WORK. Not a happy rider. October 5, 2015
Bluetooth that integrates into the helmet? Great idea! Don't get me wrong, while I think Schubert leads the pack with a bluetooth system that integrates seamlessly into the helmet, I also think they overpriced it. Let's get real: pretty much all bluetooths have the same features and capabilities, some more some less...but, all within the same range. So, if you're into having a non-bulky and kind of discreetly hidden system that doesn't bulge out of the helmet...go for it, dig into your pockets (like I did) and pay the extra premium for style. Otherwise, save alot of money, and go for the Scala 9GX.....its cheaper priced brother, with the very same features. September 14, 2015
Don't do it ... Wow .. $429 and all it does the same as the SRC. I have the SRC in C3 and was excited to get the new C3Pro along withe the new SRC Pro ... fitting it was striaght forward but after hours of trying, the only thing I could get it to do was Intercom with my other SRC. Music sharing does not work. I called Cardo and got the preverbial, it's an OEM thing and we don't support, you need to deal with Schuberth and after being totally underwhelmd by the Schuberth support, the best they could come up with was that I had to buy two of the SRC Pro !!! So, back it went ... I have ordered the Sena 20, which as a dual pack is less than the single SRC Pro ... I'm stuck with my original SRC, which works fine, will try Ebay. Not sure how Schuberth feels comfortable with the lack luster under performance ... was expecting so much better !! September 2, 2015
I would rather use smoke signals. So I have been crazy over the schuberth C3pro since it came out, and part of it was how it would integrate with the SRC system. Finally I gave in and bought both the helmet and the SRC. The helmet fit beautifully! a bit tight in the beginning, but after a couple of uses it was perfect, however when I installed the SRC, I felt I was going to pass out it pressed on my neck and stopped the blood flow. I figured it was not installed properly, so I did it again, and then again, and then I even had a dealer install it... No luck... The little time I did get to use it, quality was not great, ease of use is not the greatest, and voice commands, well, my dog is deaf and he responds better to those. This is a VERY expensive unit compared to other systems out there, and it is horrible! I really don't understand why schuberth, being the awesome helmet company it is, would allow a system like this to run, without testing it extensively... I'm actually more disappointed in Schuberth than Scala... for allowing this... August 27, 2015
Some good some bad For the price, I don't feel I'm getting a well engineered product. VOX feature doesn't recognize commands properly. Microphone boom could be longer to reach the center of helmet, which would place it in front of the mouth. In the C3 Pro, it makes it more tight going taking the helmet on and off. Almost to the point of discomfort. The charging port and antenna plug just tucked into the back of the neck roll. If not placed just right you will feel them applying pressure to neck or side of head. Sound quality is decent. Features: typical of other Bluetooth modules on the market. Ease of use: Same as others. The mobile app is a must to download if you want simple operation. And using the computer software for setup. Recommended, carry the manual with you if you need to make changes on the road. August 18, 2015
Extremely disappointed in the new Schuberth SRC-System PRO I waited for over a year for the new SRC-System PRO to be released. I absolutely love my Schuberth C3 Pro! The previous SRC Bluetooth communications system required a PC for software updates and lacked the ability to use earbuds. As a Mac user (with no intention of installing Windows/Windows emulator on my Mac) and one who wears custom molded earbuds, the new SRC-System PRO looked like it was going to be the perfect system for me. I wanted to be the first kid on the block to have one. Actually ordered two of them. One locally and one from RevZilla (the finest motorcycle accessory dealer on the planet, IMO). The one I ordered locally showed up a few days before RevZilla shipped the second unit, which I planned to install on my other Schuberth C3 Pro. The installation/setup was very simple/straight forward. Just use caution when removing/installing the new neck collar so as not to break the small plastic pins at the forward edge on each side. Not a problem if you proceed with caution. After installing the SRC-System PRO, I used the Cardo app in conjunction with my iPhone 6 to check for software updates and select the various settings. Again, quite simple. As soon as I began to play with the new unit (make/receive phone calls, listen to my iPhone music and listen to FM music), the trouble began. I can only speak as an iPhone user, not as an Android user. I've used several Sena units and they work flawlessly with an iPhone. Other Cardo (folks who make the SRC-System PRO for Schuberth) systems may work well with an iPhone but the new SRC-System PRO does NOT! I use Siri voice commands with my Sena units to initiate phone calls, locate gas stations and/or new destinations on the fly, change music genres/artists/playlists etc. Siri does NOT play well with the new SRC-System PRO! Siri can be enabled, as per the Schuberth SRC-System PRO instructions (+ button for 2 seconds), however, once music is enabled via the SRC-Sytem PRO software and/or your GPS pairs with via the SRC-System PRO software, Siri is disabled. Thinking that there must be a work-around, I contacted Cardo first. They informed me that although they did indeed build the system, they did not support it and I needed to contact Schuberth. I contacted Schuberth and I have nothing but good things to say about their customer service. Outstanding! Others in the industry could take customer service lessons from both RevZilla and Schuberth. They were already aware of the "Siri issues" with the new SRC-System PRO and in fact were unable to get Siri to work at all. My suggestion for them to perform a complete system shutdown, followed by not pairing with a GPS and/or using the SRC-System PRO music software allowed them to see that Siri would work, at least temporarily. Other issues I experienced included; after making the voice command, "Music Off" it would not respond to "Music On" but instead kept saying, "Music Off." Not good! Note, the only music voice command features the SRC-System PRO possesses is "Music On/Music Off" and the ability to advance/replay a song. There are no commands to change artists, genres, etc.(read Siri). On numerous occasions, the entire system locked up and I was unable to turn it off. Again, not good! This occurred even after performing the factory reset procedure. As others have commented, with the SRC-System PRO installed, it just about rips your ears off putting the helmet on and taking it off, even while forcefully holding the helmet open on each side. I was willing to live with this, thinking that in time the neck collar would soften up/break-in. The final "deal killer" for me was the inability of the SRC-System PRO to connect only with other Cardo systems. Most of my riding friends have Sena Bluetooth communications systems. The SRC-System PRO lacks the "latest greatest" features that the new Cardo PACKTALK system possesses. For $429, this system should have the "latest greatest" of everything! Schuberth was kind enough to set up a return, agreeing that my new SRC-System PRO had issues. For a fraction of the cost, I ended up installing my fifth Sena SMH10R Bluetooth communications system on my C3 Pro. Super slim and once you realize that you can hide the external mounted battery safely inside of the helmet (without the external battery mount/holder attached), it's a very clean install. Play with the buttons at home; first without gloves and then with gloves, to save yourself a lot of frustration when going on your first ride. Trying to learn how to use a Bluetooth communication system while riding your motorcycle is NOT the safest thing to be doing! The Sena SMH10R works beautifully with Siri and is extremely reliable/easy to use. It's the older Bluetooth 3.0 vs. the new Bluetooth 4.0 on the Sena 20S and new Sena 10U. The brand new Sena 10U may be an excellent choice for you, but the handlebar mounted control (clothespin) does NOT appeal to me. Once again, if you don't use Siri and you only communicate with other Cardo users, the new SRC-System PRO may be just the ticket for you. Hope this review has been helpful. August 8, 2015
Excellent new system! I'm loving the new system! With my new C3 Pro helmet and Bluetooth I rock out like I'm in my new Chevy truck. It's quiet and the new SRC has phenomenal sounds quality! It has so many options I'm still getting use to all the options! I do wish the mic boom was a little longer though. August 3, 2015
Perfect fit Easy installation. Clear communication. Easy paring. July 21, 2015
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Schuberth C3 Pro SRC System
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RevZilla Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Hunter G: I bought the Shuberth C3 Pro helmet and wanted the matching Bluetooth Sep 14, 2015
Eric B: Updated version of the system that allows for more versatility. Jul 20, 2015
Alcebiades A: Is the only that fits schuberth Jul 18, 2015
Scott B asked: When will there be a video review of this product? Interested in your impressions. Jul 17, 2015
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A shopper asked: will this be compatable with only Cardo headsets like the last generation or will it also communicate with SENA headsets? Jun 27, 2015
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (2) No (0)
Richard W: It will work the way Marek says it works and it allows full duplex just like full duplex between two sena units or between two scala units. But there is a HUGE downside. When the SRC is paired this way, it is unavailable to pair with a GPS or a phone. So pairing it with a sena eliminates much of the functionality. I feel handicapped enough with it paired this way that I'm seriously considering junking the SRC and sticking the sena unit from my old helmet on the side of my shiny new C3 Pro. Aug 7, 2015
Reply to Richard Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Marek W: me and my friend tried to connect SRC and SENA and it works. What you have to do is to activate universal intercom mode on SENA and pair it with SRC on phone mode. that is the only way how to get it to work. Jul 8, 2015
Reply to Marek Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Shawn B: Doing it this way allow you to talk back and forth between sena and src? Talking without pushing buttons, or calling on phone or whatever, intercom between the two, so always on full duplex between the two?

thanks! Jul 18, 2015
A shopper asked: Does the SRC system for Schuberth C3 or C3 Pro have a Music Sharing feature?
Jul 25, 2015
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A shopper asked: Do you know if the Bluetooth unit from Schuberth that fits the C3Pro helmet, will sync up to a SENA unit, or is it strictly just Schu2Schu?

Aug 24, 2015
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Robert D: I should have read the other questions first.. sorry about this post, you can delete if it needed. Aug 24, 2015
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A shopper asked: Which cardo scala model is this equivalent to? Aug 16, 2015
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