The Bell Vortex Helmet is one of Bell's newest full face helmets, and borrows a ton of functionality from the pro-level Bell Star. In fact, the ventilation and shield system of the Bell Vortex Helmet are exactly the same as the Star. The true difference here is the materials used in the shell of the Bell Vortex Helmet. It is DOT and Snell 2010 certified, so you can absolutely take the Bell Vortex onto the track. The aerodynamic shape of the Vortex is an intermediate oval which is suitable for a large portion of the riding population. The list of creature comforts is impressive. Head, brow and chin vents, an anti-fog, scratch resistant shield, antimicrobial liners that are washable, cutaways for speakers or bluetooth, a magnetic strap keeper - quite a haul for a helmet at this price point. The Bell Vortex series also comes in a variety of graphics from basic solid color to crazy, so whether you like to ride under the RADAR or prefer to have all eyes on you, this helmet can meet you where you live.

Bell Vortex Helmets

Bell Vortex Helmet - Solid
2 colors available
Bell Vortex Rally Helmet
Bell Vortex Grinder Helmet
3 colors available
Bell Vortex Marker Helmet
4 colors available
Bell Transitions SolFX Photochromic Face Shield
$109.95 $139.95 Sale 21% Off!
Bell Vortex / Revolver Vent Kit
2 colors available