Motorcycle functionality meets vintage style in the DOT-approved Bell Custom 500 Helmet. Inspired by the first motorcycle helmet ever put to production in 1954 (the Bell 500), the Bell Custom 500 gives that great Evel Knievel style for the rider rocking the retro vibe. Available in solids and graphics, the Bell Custom 500 Helmet is one of the most unique helmets we've seen in a long time.  Be sure to check out our full line of Bell Helmets.

Product Video Transcript

Hi, this is Anthony with RevZilla TV. What you see on the table in front of me is the new for 2010 Bell Custom 500. You're going to look at this helmet, and you're going to think, "Oh my God, Evel Knievel." That's because this helmet has been around forever, but it hasn't been sold or hasn't been available for a very long time. This is the original helmet from Bell. This is something that you would see in the last century, but this is an updated version, brand new for 2010. They're totally going throwback with this guy. We have your solid colors here, you have your burnt orange color, you have your silver, both with a sparkle finish. Then as you get over here, you have some of your different graphic styles. This guy even reminds me of a bit of a Sailor Jerry feel.

What you're going to notice is that these are low profile. They are built to be worn cafe racer, scooter, old school, UJM. Somebody who's just cruising around, you could rock a pair of sunglasses under these. You also notice that we have a three-snap system on the front that you could do a shield with if you really wanted to.

You're also going to notice on the inside the stitching: a lot of detail here. This guy's meant to be stylish. It's a full fiberglass construction. You'll notice on this guy that you have a silver trim that comes around. They really try to home in on the details of this guy, knowing that the person that's going to wear this helmet is probably pretty style-conscious, walks to the beat of their own drummer, and really enjoys that retro flair.

You're going to notice this guy, you're going to have this guy with the stars on it, and we also have the crazy eyeball one over here. I was really impressed the first time I saw these. I was not expecting this for this year from Bell. We actually found out about these a little bit late, and if you'll notice, they actually didn't make our Bell sport and street-riding helmet overview.

These are kind of in a class all their own. Something different, $119 price point, it's going to be DOT certified. It's not a novelty helmet. This is meant for real street riding, and depending on how fast you're doing, it's a great other style option. I'm sure there's a whole other subset of riders out there that will immediately gravitate towards.

I have to tell you, I'm leaving next week for a ride in Texas, and they might not make it back out here today with this guy, because I feel like I'm going to take this on the Harley through hill country with me and just go full-on throwback style.

Thanks for watching RevZilla TV today. If you have any questions about the Bell Custom 500, give us a shout. 877-792-9455. You can always email us at I'm Anthony. Thanks for watching. We'll see you next time.

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