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PIAA Driving LIghts Review

Buzzsaw - Gear Geek


I have recently added the PIAA LED Driving Lights to my trusty Tiger 1050.  I have been looking for a way to make the bike stand out in traffic. 

In Europe, the Tiger 1050’s run with both headlights as standard, but for the US they only run one of the two lights.  The second light is used solely as a high beam.  Since it is a projector beam it results in more than a couple annoyed motorists when I have left it on.  The other hurdle that presents itself is that the Tiger 1050 does not offer much extra power from the stator.  In my search for a solution of low wattage lighting that will allow me to be noticed by oncoming motorist without blinding them with my high beam, I found the PIAA LED Driving lights.

Most aftermarket lights are going to use at least a 100+ watts of power.  With only 180 watts available, it would limit my options to add or use anything else such as heated vest, gloves or electronics.  The PIAA LED’s only use 12 watts!  Huge savings on a bike with limited electrical capacity with no loss in lumens or range.  The LED’S cast a white light(6300K) which stands out from the yellowish light of the standard headlight and helps vehicles coming at you to take notice.  I have watched other drivers eyes(specially those turning left across my lane) and you can see them registering something different coming at them.  In the daylight this is a huge bonus.

The installation was a breeze.  I would say I am a pretty competent wrench.  However, electrical work has always scared the bejesus out of me.  The directions were very clear and the wiring harness was the best I have ever seen used on an aftermarket device.  Everything is heat wrapped, the lights are hard wired as is the lit on/off switch.  They give you plenty of length to run the switch anywhere you like.  I spent more time figuring out where I wanted to run the wiring than it did to actually install it. 

A great feature, is that the switch can be left on so that everytime you turn the bike ignition on the PIAA LED’s come on automatically.  That way you know they are always on.  I am really pleased at the low power draw, enhanced visibility to other drivers and clearly defined installation instructions.   

-- Buzzsaw