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Arai Pro Shade System
  • Arai Pro Shade System
  • Arai Pro Shade System
  • Arai Pro Shade System
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Arai Pro Shade System for SAI-Compatible Helmets

Nowadays it is quite common to use a retractable sun-visor that is situated between the helmet’s outer- and inner shell to protect against sun glare. However, it is Arai’s opinion that this construction could affect the performance of a helmet during impact. As the Pro Shade System is completely mounted on the outside of the helmet, it will not in any way negatively affect the performance of the helmet.

The Pro Shade System is a small peak that is locked in position. Unlocking is easy; just pull the Pro Shade System forward, then it can be flipped down with a flick of the hand to act as an effective sun-visor. The Pro Shade System is the complete all-weather system for serious touring riders, offering protection against sun glare, fogging and misting, especially for riders that prefer an upright seating position and/or the comfort of a fairing, the Pro Shade System will enhance the rider’s comfort significantly.


  • Fits all Arai SAI full-face helmets including the Arai Corsair V, Vector 2, RX-Q, Arai Signet-Q and Defiant
  • Complete system, pre-mounted on clear Arai MAX Vision visor (included)
  • Enhanced aerodynamics
  • Increased helmet stability
  • Removable for easy cleaning
  • No contact with visor: no scratching
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Arai Pro Shade System 4.7 5 29 29
Works surprisingly well I fitted the pro shade to my Signet Q. So far, I'd say: It's nice and dark - really helps cut the glare. Doesn't introduce any noticeable distortion to the very clear and unobtrusive Arai shield. Doesn't even add any noise when it's flipped up, which is surprising. Overall, it's well-designed and does exactly what it should. It's a little expensive, but that Arai for you, I guess. July 22, 2014
I think it was a good first try... I wear this on a new Arai Signet Q. In some positions it is more quiet than a single visor as far as wind noise. Like has been mentioned before, the shade can be left up for a little shade. Both elements take some getting used to to flip down. The vents are no problem but I am sure that part will eventually evolve. What I would like to see, because its so hot in Texas, is that the shaded shield be on the inside instead of the outside of the clear shield. In Texas I would really like to ride with the clear up but the shade down for more air flow. I consider this to be an air flow issue. Hopefully it will last about two years which is about how often I replace shields anyway. "If you can't be good, be fast!" July 15, 2014
Just what I wanted This works great on my Signet Q. I have the Signet Q for street riding, but I like a visor so I was always grabbing my XD3 even for street. This works great on the Signet Q. It gives me a visor and if headed directly into the sun it easily drops down for a tinted shield. Much better than just an internal drop down shade. A little pricey. The visor/shade is mounted on a new Pinlock shield, which is $57 by itself. So you buying the visor/shade for around $33. It was well worth the money to me. and getting more use out of my Sig. July 7, 2014
Better than aftermarket Works great for quick commute dosent extend down far enough if u ride upright with a defiant like me long rides i change shield Tryed on my rx riding a sportsbike better suited in the tuck better coverage June 30, 2014
About time! Used this on a 2000+ mile road trip thru the Northern Sierra Nevada mountains. Never had to use my sunglasses once. Staff was extremely helpful in ordering and arrived lickety split! June 24, 2014
Super versatile - commuter perfect I ride early in the mornings when it is still twilight. Carrying two shields and switching to the dark one when I arrived was a standard part of my day. Another morning fact is the greater tendency to have fog issues with the morning humidity. I'd gone through a couple of boxes of anti-fog wipes that worked well on my plain visors, but that I discovered I needed to reapply at the worst possible times. This seems to be the ideal solution for my commutes thus far. Being able to instantly get the dark shade in place is great. The pin lock system is a godsend to deal with fogging up. This visor gets me through every situation with simplicity. Very glad to have it. It's pricey, but convenient. Only downsides are that you have to get adjusted to the impact of the different elements of the visor in your field of vision. By my second ride this was a non-issue for me. The other downside I'd note is a slight roaring sound at highway speeds with the sun visor in the up position. June 24, 2014
Just what I needed, good for the variable days and touring Agee with Anthony about side not being quite large enough. Also when it starts to rain you can't clean or wipe the inside of visor. Stays dry if it starts out dry. June 23, 2014
Great product. Highly recommend. I saw this visor earlier this year at a motorcycle show in Seattle and couldn't wait to get one. I only wanted to read some reviews that addressed performance and noise. All of the reviews I read were positive and recommended the visor. I ordered it and received it in a matter of days. It cost less from RevZilla than Arai was selling it for. It is extremely easy to install and operate. I ride a naked Yamaha Vmax 1200, that is one without a windshield, and have not noticed any performance or noise issues. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for an alternative to sunglasses inside your helmet. June 16, 2014
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Arai Pro Shade System
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RevZilla Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Dave C: I was excited about the possibility of having a tinted and clear visor, all-in-one unit. Especially so since Arai doesn't make a helmet with internal visor, and my Signet-Q is an otherwise excellent helmet. For me, the sun shade didn't go down far enough when lowered, and there was way too much unshaded, clear visor in my field of view. FWIW, my helmet is about as small as possible for my head, and my helmet may not sit down as far as yours does. Jul 29, 2014
Kim S: For my Signet-Q Helmet recently purchased from Revzilla. Jul 25, 2014
Justin M: To help with sun glare while wearing prescription glasses Jul 24, 2014
Philip G: an impulse. Jul 19, 2014
Fredrik S: I live in Virginia and definitely need some shade. Late in the day or early morning are the hardest time to deal with strong sunshine... Jul 17, 2014
David C: Morning commute can start in the dark. I ride 60 miles due east into the rising sun and wear perscription glasses inside the helmet. As the sun comes up, flipping the tinted shield down makes it much easier (and safer) while riding into the rising sun in the morning, and into the setting sun in the evening on the way home. Jul 5, 2014
Aaron T: Looking for a shade system for my Long Oval helmet. I would love and XD-4 but it just doesn't fit me as well as my Signet Q. Jun 12, 2014
daryle w: see how it works on my arai signet Q Jun 11, 2014
JOHN G: Video Jun 6, 2014
George M: It's a sunshield - just what I need. Jun 5, 2014
Tod R: As a commuter, this product makes a lot of sense for dark early mornings and bright afternoons. May 21, 2014
Albert M: Most of my local riding is daytime and I need a tinted shield and polarized sunglasses in the Arizona sun. However frequently I return home after sunset, so I believe being able to flip up the dark shield will be more convenient than changing sheilds May 21, 2014
Gregory S: Use clear pinlock visor and not need to change or carry multiple visors anymore. Apr 26, 2014
James M: Finally! Apr 19, 2014
Victor Q: Want to stop the constant changing of visors from night to day. Apr 10, 2014
Mark M asked: Will the new pro shade system be equipped with a pinlock shield? Apr 9, 2014
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (2) No (1)
Jerry B: The Pro Shade is compatible with the Max-V Brow Vent Pinlock but does not come with the Pinlock, from what I have found. They (Arai) are not very good at providing this info but do have a description on a Facebook announcement. I tried to post a link to that, but it won't let me. There are also various pictures of the Pro Shade both on and off helmet showing that it is Max-V BV Pinlock compatible. Apr 11, 2014
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He H asked: I received the Pro Shade today, and installed it on my RX-Q. I haven't done any riding yet, but I noticed that while the shade locks securely at the raised position, when it sits at the lowered (down) position with just a light touch of finger the shade can be easily moved up or down a little bit (about 2mm). Is this a problem? Or at riding the wind would push it firmly against the visor? Jun 9, 2014
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David C: I've been using my Pro Shade for about two weeks now both in town and on the highway at speed. It doesn't take much to lift the shade with your fingers but it stays put when riding. I have purposefully moved my head up and down and side to side to see if the shade would move on it's own, I could not see any movement, even on the highway. Love the shade, just wish it provided more coverage, have to wonder why Arai didn't make it taller!!! Jun 10, 2014
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Robert N: I've not noticed any movement of the shield when moving or sitting at idle. I really didn't even notice that it moved until I read your request and tested it:-). I've ridden in the rain and with a fair amount of wind and there's no distortion through the visor at all. I wish it was a little darker but other than that it beats sunglasses for convenience. Jun 11, 2014
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Benjamin R: No, it stays quite secure. Just watch it when you are trying to lower it. It's sort of fragile in that sense. It's not a bad product but it is expensive and breaks with little effort. I broke one and had to order another. It was 50% my fault but still .. it's fairly fragile. Jun 21, 2014
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Albert M: I've used mine for about 2,000 miles and have not experience any problem. I ride a 2011 H-D Road King. I've cut the windshield down so I get airflow to the top vents of the helmet but not much on the face shield.
Hope this helps.
Jun 10, 2014
Reply to Albert Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Shayne A: Hi He H,

I've used the shade on a Defender helmet at speeds of up to 120kph (75mph) & consistently (2 or 3 hrs) at 110kph (70mph), with no indication of a problem. This was done with the shade both up & down. It works really well.
Jun 10, 2014
Reply to Shayne Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Manu K: Well,there is slight play when the shade is in lowered down position. In my mind this should not be an issue as the shade glass is supported by a rubber gasket at the top. You should ride and see if you face any issue.
Jun 10, 2014
Reply to Manu Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Gregory S: Mine does the same don't worry about it. The shade stays firmly in place. I love this shield and am replacing all my other shields with this one. No more worry of wearing out parts because no more changing shields. Jun 10, 2014
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He H: Thanks for all the feedback. I finally had a chance today for a ride, and the shade worked flawlessly. Absolutely love it! Jun 19, 2014
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Alan C: Used my Pro Shield 1st time this weekend. Great investment, it does stay down no problem and up when not needed. 5 Stars Jun 10, 2014
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Greg L: I have not had any problems with the Pro Shade at any speed so far, either in the raised or lowered position. Jun 11, 2014
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Glenn H asked: Seriously, why can't they just create a photo-chromatic shield ??? The r&d in this along with tooling must have cost at least as much as a P/C shield would have cost. Jul 21, 2014
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George T: Existing photochromics are less effective in sudden transitions (like in a canyon with shady parts) and lose even more effectiveness in temperature extremes.

They reportedly have a limited life span (~one year if used 5 days/week, according to a manufacturer of these) and do not darken as much as the dark tint on the Arai solution.

I imagine another reason Arai hasn't done this besides the above reasons is the obvious safety hazard of entering a freeway or mountain road tunnel with a visor that won't quickly go back to clear- lots of tunnels in Japan. The Arai Pro Shade is perfect for that sort of situation.

I will say with about 3000 miles of using this system, I have had no desire to use my standard visors. This thing really works.
Jul 24, 2014
Reply to George Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Edward D: The advantage of the flip-up sun visor is that you can flip it up in a second. Photo-chromatic shields still take time to adapt to changing light conditions. I particularly like this feature when going back and forth between shadows and sunlight, which often occurs in early morning or late afternoon rides. Jul 22, 2014
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cary b: When companies introduce new products to the market, they typically will only manufacture and offer one variant. When the product demonstrates enough sales in the marketplace and initial ROI has been achieved, then new variations such as photo-chromatic can be considered for manufacture. Jul 22, 2014
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Greg L: I'm not sure why you're asking this question here, it's really a question for Arai. Jul 22, 2014
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Leonard M: I love it. It works great for me. Jul 22, 2014
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A shopper asked: I have a Quantum DNA with a SAI shield. Will this shield fit my helmet? Jul 21, 2014
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Gary J: It will go on but fits poorly with a 3/16 inch gap at the forehead shield contact point.
Jul 21, 2014
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George T: If your helmet takes an SA-I shield, it will fit. You may need to adjust the mounts slightly (there are adjustments for the pods on all Arai helmets). Jul 24, 2014
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Daniel O: I have the shield and it works great.

Not sure about the fit on your helmet.
Jul 21, 2014
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Kim R: Yes. This pro shade system only fits helmets with the SAI shield. Jul 29, 2014
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A shopper asked: I have an Arai Quantum helmet. Will it fit onto that? Jul 24, 2014
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Bud C: I was told by Revzilla's excellent customer service folks that it will not fit. I just put one on my RXQ and it works a treat. The darkened portion could cover more of the lower portion, but I it's great to no longer need to carry sunglasses. You can feel the extra weight when closing ghe visor. With the shade and pinlock additions makes the Pro Shade the ultimate visor for touring. Jul 24, 2014
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JOHN G: If your helmet has a Super AD.Sis LRS Shield system it will work. I found the opening at the lower ends ( as in the video) distracting Jul 24, 2014
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Tina C: Yes, I believe so. It's a direct replacement for the super AdSis I-Type shield that I bought with the pin lock. SAI series. Jul 26, 2014
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A shopper asked: Can the sun shade be removed from the visor? May 21, 2014
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David C: It can be removed but why would you want to? It would be a lot easier to change the entire shield. I leave mine on all the time and just flip it up when I'm not using it, has not been a problem plus it's always there when I need it. Jul 19, 2014
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ken w: Yes there are 2 plastic 'detents" one on each side. Directions are in the box May 25, 2014
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John L: Yes, but not intended except for replacement May 28, 2014
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A shopper asked: does the Pro Shade system fit on the RX-7 Corsair helmet??

Steve T
May 28, 2014
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John L: The answer is imbedded in the product info. I can tell you it does fit the Corsair V and DOES NOT fit the plain Vector helmet. May 28, 2014
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George T: It does not fit the RX-7 Corsair (known as the RX7 RR4 in Japan)

It does fit the RX7RR5 (Corsair V)
Jul 24, 2014
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Peter D asked: Does Arai make a photochromatic insert for this shield? May 4, 2014
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Jim J: I think the effectiveness of a photochromic insert is hampered by the material of the Arai visor that blocks the UV required to trigger the tint. Like using Transitions lenses in your car, the glass filters light and prevents them from working. It is really a shame that Arai will not alllow a license for a Transitions visor, I have used one and they are outstanding. May 21, 2014
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Kevin C: Pinlock has one for Arai... However, it's more light smoke than dark. While it works - it could use to be darker when fully tinted and it's expensive. May 7, 2014
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A shopper asked: Damn - I just bought SAI pinlock visor + 2 inserts for my RX-Q. I need some visor help for when sun is overhead but this would be a whole addl investment. Is there some other less expensive add-on I can get - like a black strip? Thx. Apr 13, 2014
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Thomas Z: Go to super visor dot com (you will need to put a hyphen between the super and visor). I have used three of these over the years and they are just 19.95!! They work like a champ. Apr 15, 2014
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A S: Same here: new VisionMax visor and Pinlock inserts. Still, not having to change the insert or the visor when the weather changes is probably worth it, over the long term. May 21, 2014
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A shopper asked: Will this be available for Arai Profile? May 14, 2014
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George T: It is an SAI type shield, so it fits current models like Corsair-V, Defiant,RX-q and Profile-2.

Original Profile takes the SAQ shields and since these helmets are on close out/discontinued, it's unlikely that this will be made in that format.
May 14, 2014
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