Almost none of the motorcycle gear on the market will come stock with chest protection. For this reason, many major gear manufacturers produce motorcycle chest protectors. If you're a serious ADV touring rider and even more so if you're a motorcycle racer or regular track-day rider, upgrading to beefed-up motorcycle chest armor may be a consideration you want to make. Beyond the fabric, be it leather or textile, of your jacket, there is nothing to protect your chest from the ground in the event of an impact. Brands like Forcefield, Dainese and Alpinestars are utilizing space-age materials and technologies to produce motorcycle chest protection that will keep you as safe as possible.

Motorcycle Chest Protectors

Leatt Fusion 3.0 Vest
2 colors available
Spidi Warrior Thorax Protector
$110.42 $129.90 Sale 15% Off!
Dainese Double Chest Protectors
2 colors available
Spidi Warrior Chest Protector
$50.92 $59.90 Sale 15% Off!
Alpinestars Bionic Women's Chest Pad
$29.96 $39.95 Sale 25% Off!