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radial-mount brake caliper
In our latest episode of Why things are the way they are, Uncle Loomis 'splains what people are talking about when they yammer on about radial brakes. Hint: It's not to match your radial tires.
BMW with Kriega UScombo40 Drypack System
A long-distance rider lives with Kriega's drypack system for 10,000 miles on the road to see how these bags hold up to serious use.
Spurgeon Dunbar and Bonnie
Behind every rider is a story of how he or she got started. For Spurgeon, it was a boyhood of "look but can't have." How did you end up on two wheels?
As Marquez goes for his 10th straight MotoGP win in Indianapolis in August, just how does his performance compare to the runs of dominance in the past?
If you want to ride for the long haul, you need to protect your hearing.
Shinko tires on a Honda
Can an inexpensive tire like the Shinko 712 meet the "adventure commuting" demands of a serial tire abuser like Uncle Loomis? He puts them through TeamZilla testing to find out.
motorcycles on tour
After three years, 25,000 miles and a few hard knocks, a relatively new rider shares some lessons learned the hard way.
Dirt Quake USA videos
If you thought our story made Dirt Quake sound like fun, take a look at these video reviews of the strangest flat track race you'll see.
tires in RevZilla warehouse
In our next installment of Why Things Are the Way They Are, TeamZilla Tech Uncle Loomis explains bias-ply and radial tires, and why some motorcycles mix the two kinds.
2015 Honda CB300F
The CB300F will be available this fall, giving riders another small-displacement option without the sport styling of the CB300R.
Nicky Hayden video
American MotoGP rider Nicky Hayden talks about his painful, injured wrist, his underpowered Honda RCV1000R and why he decided to stay in MotoGP instead of jumping to World Superbike in this video interview.
Keith Code video
Anyone can twist a throttle and go fast in a straight line. It's the corners that demand skill and proper technique. This short video makes the case for getting professional coaching.
Wolfman Renegade dry bag
The Wolfman bag isn't cheap, but it survived multiple camping trips with Uncle Loomis and his riding buddies. Lesser men and products have folded in the face of such challenges.
Born-Free 6
Even a Zillan who can't tell a Pan from a Shovel can appreciate the beauty of the machines and craftsmanship that goes into the customs at this growing, West Coast show.
Gromkhana video
If you don't think this video is more July 4 fun than firecrackers and a parade, perhaps you've wandered into the wrong website by accident.
Straight Rhythm
Riders compete head-to-head on a straight, half-mile course with a variety of obstacles — but no turns.
fuel injection diagram
In this first part of an occasional series about why things are the way they are, Uncle Loomis examines why carburetors are disappearing.
ROK straps
A chronic over-packer puts ROK Straps through a TeamZilla Tested workout to see how they stand up.
Yamaha FZ-07
With the FZ-07, Yamaha continues the trend it started with the FZ-09 of producing bikes that undercut the competition on price but don't look or feel cheap. We get our first ride in the Seattle area.
Dirt Quake USA
Where else are you going to see home-built choppers, scooters, a sidecar rig and a Ducati Panigale all racing flat track? Nowhere but Dirt Quake.
leather care
Your leather is there to save your hide. Here's how to treat it right to make it last and keep it looking good.
Shark Explore-R Carbon helmet
To put it simply, we've never seen another helmet that has as many features packed into it as the Explore-R. You can reconfigure it for street or off-road use in a matter of seconds.
Harley-Davidson LiveWire
This "Harley Guy" isn't ready to put down a deposit on an electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire, assuming the bike goes into production. But he is excited about it. Here's why.

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