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Icon Cloverleaf
Is an armored knee slider you strap on over your pants a good idea, or just a future prop in YouTube crash videos?
Harley-Davidson Dyna
In our latest episode of Why things are the way they are, RevZilla wrench Uncle Loomis explains why Harley-Davidsons have dry-sump engines. What's wrong with an oil pan, anyway?
Superprestigio video
The indoor short-track races return in December, drawing the world's top roadracers to a one-off event in Barcelona. These videos are worth seeing.
motorcycle in traffic
Motorcyclists and drivers now have less information on what is permitted when lane splitting in the nation's biggest motorcycling state.
Harley-Davidson LiveWire
This thing is smooth, efficient and well polished. Of course I'm talking about the social media campaign. Did you think I meant the bike? See our video of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle.
motorcycle headphones
In the eyes of the law, the Slingshot is a motorcycle. In the eyes of Sean, it looks like big fun.
motorcycle headphones
He loves music, he loves motorcycles, but Uncle Loomis doesn't love all songs about motorcycles. Here are his choices for best and worst. Go ahead and flame away. And if anyone can explain a "loaded six-string," let him know.
Castrol Rocket
The Castrol Rocket, currently testing in preparation for Bonneville Speed Week, is a serious attempt to break the four-year-old motorcycle land speed record of 376 mph.
loud pipes
If you're riding a bobber with bad brakes and wearing a novelty helmet, or riding a sportbike wearing a T-shirt and with your helmet strapped to the back of the bike, you look like a moron if you claim your loud pipes are about safety.
radial-mount brake caliper
In our latest episode of Why things are the way they are, Uncle Loomis 'splains what people are talking about when they yammer on about radial brakes. Hint: It's not to match your radial tires.
BMW with Kriega UScombo40 Drypack System
A long-distance rider lives with Kriega's drypack system for 10,000 miles on the road to see how these bags hold up to serious use.
Spurgeon Dunbar and Bonnie
Behind every rider is a story of how he or she got started. For Spurgeon, it was a boyhood of "look but can't have." How did you end up on two wheels?
As Marquez goes for his 10th straight MotoGP win in Indianapolis in August, just how does his performance compare to the runs of dominance in the past?
If you want to ride for the long haul, you need to protect your hearing.
Shinko tires on a Honda
Can an inexpensive tire like the Shinko 712 meet the "adventure commuting" demands of a serial tire abuser like Uncle Loomis? He puts them through TeamZilla testing to find out.
motorcycles on tour
After three years, 25,000 miles and a few hard knocks, a relatively new rider shares some lessons learned the hard way.

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