Make your ride stand out with TIRE PENZ full line of accent products, including sidewall & tread paint, glow in the dark wheel tape & pinstriping kits, detailing products and show-quality protective coatings. Can’t find the raised white lettering tires you’ve been looking for to give your bike that race look? Don’t use whiteout or conventional paint that doesn’t last. Tire Penz paint pens dry flexible and UV resistant to give your tires lasting color that won’t chip or flake off. Make your lettering stand out at night by adding REFLECT powder to wet tire paint. Retroreflectivity never looked so futuristic! For an even brighter accent, use THE GLOW pinstripe tape on your wheels, frame rails, and even tanks for an incredible visual effect at night. 

Tire Penz

Tire Penz Pen
10 colors available
Tire Penz REFLECT Pen Kit
9 colors available
Tire Penz Pen Kit
9 colors available