Eric M.

  • Nickname: “The Manskies”
  • Riding Since: 2010
  • Current Bike: 2015 Yamaha FZ-07
  • Past Bike: 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 750, 2005 Suzuki Boulevard C50
  • Future Bikes: Triumph Scrambler, Yamaha FZ-09, Hopefully one per riding category 
  • Riding Style: Commuting, Cruising.
  • Most-Asked Question: “Can I get this by the weekend?”

The odds are good that when I started my career at RevZilla, no one knew less about gear than me. It didn’t help that I never really wore any when I first started riding. When the weather was hot, gearing up meant lacing up my sneakers and throwing on a T-shirt. I was never so much ATGATT as I was WALAH (well at least a helmet.) A totaled bike, a shoulder injury, and road rash scars are the remnants of that bad habit. I always get a kick out of hearing “I don’t need the safest gear, I don’t plan on crashing.” Well no one plans on getting into an accident...and unfortunately it can happen to even the best rider when other drivers are factored into the equation.

“I don’t need the safest gear, I don’t plan on crashing.”

It’s safe to say that I learned my lesson, and I feel fortunate to be where I am in more ways than one. I love using my previous “no gear” experience to help my RevZilla customers find what they want, and more importantly, find what they need. I almost feel spoiled when I think about the access that I have to some of the best gear that money can buy.  

My riding experience may not be as extensive as some of my fellow Zillans, but I know that I am now in the right place to make up for lost time. While we are on the phone or conversing through emails, feel free to let me know some of your favorite places to ride throughout the country. I am always looking for suggestions! 

My favorite thing about RevZilla: There is always something to learn. Through my co-workers and customers, I discover more about the world of motorcycling every day. There is always more to know and more that I want to experience!