Teknic Chicane Suit Review

D McB - Gear Geek

PUBLISHED: June 21, 2013

I hadn’t planned on buying a race suit, as I was content on renting one for the few track days I can do this year.  However, when the Teknic suits went on such a deep discount this spring, I had to get one ‘just because.’

Being a staffer at Zilla, I was able to try on the size 40 and 42.  While the 40 fit my chest and waist measurements (39” chest, 31” waist, 5’11” tall), I wasn’t able to get it over my shoulders even while crouching down low.  Therefore, I went with the size 42 for the extra height.  This size left me with some room in my chest and waist, but that worked out well as I wear a size Large Dainese Shield Air Level 2 in Type 8 that took up the extra space, resulting in a great fit. 

I took the suit for a test ride through my neighborhood the day I got it, which was still a bit early in the Spring. I was actually chilly due to the perforation!  However, during my first track day with the Teknic Chicane Suit, it was about 80 degrees and humid.  While sitting on the starting grid waiting for the flagger to wave us out, I was roasting.  When a slight breeze came through and I felt it through the perforation of the suit, it was very welcome.  I ran a full 6 sessions that day and the suit worked very well.  The perf worked great and it was flexible enough for me to move around on my bike. 

My only gripe with this suit is that the elbow and shoulder armor isn’t as significant what is included with the Violator or Xcelerator.  My coworker, Ed (“Buzzsaw”), suggested taking out the stock armor and replacing it with Klim D3O replacement armor.  I do plan on making this upgrade before my next track day.  Also, there is a CE rated back pad that comes with the suit that is not comfortable.  I ripped it right out since I had my Dainese. 

My overall findings is that this is an unbeatable suit at the closeout price.  You simply will not find anything better for the low cost.  The only thing I would suggest is upgrading the armor and you should be all set!  

-- D McB